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    Favorite weird or comical band.

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    Darwin... Is this a Jasper or Keller shell?

    Great. Seems that I have the desirable Jasper shells. Now I must deside whether to cut the toms down or not :rolleyes:
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    Darwin... Is this a Jasper or Keller shell?

    Hi! I recently acquired a Darwin drumset and wonder if the shells are Jasper or Keller. I attached some pictures from the rack tom shell. Maybe the experts know the answer. Shell thickness is about 5 mm..
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    yet ANOTHER laughable greatest list

    ... and last but not least: Mr. Dale Crover! Very interesting drummers in this list.
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    1980's Pearl confusion

    Bass drum spurs are not original. I guess it's a pre-BLX 6-ply birch kit, early 80s. Maple drums usually had "Maple Shell" badges. I have a great sounding kit from that era with the same badges. There are paper tags in Japanese language inside the shells.
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    20's NOB 14"x5" Ludwig(?) Snare... experts welcome

    @AaronLatos, Thanks a lot! I didn't know that there were two versions of the 2-piece shell. Indeed it sounds unbelievably fat for a 5" deep drum. I would love to find a 6,5" 2-piece drum, but they seem hard to come by... I will keep my eyes open for some heavier hoops although I really like the...
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    20's NOB 14"x5" Ludwig(?) Snare... experts welcome

    Hi! I have a 14"x5" Nickel over brass 6-lug Snare which I believe is a Ludwig Pioneer or Universal. But I'm not sure, maybe some of you can help. No badge on the drum, only a few holes, three of them maybe for a muffler? No script on the brass rims, original throw off seems to be a Ludwig 338...
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    Paiste Advice (SCDR, 602, etc.)

    cdrummer, be sure to check some soundfiles of the SC Dark Crashes. They are quite heavy and not everyones taste. I once had a 20" Dark Crash and mostly used it as a ride.
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    Paiste Signiture full crash

    I've been using an 18" Sig Full Crash for nearly 15 years now, and although my other cymbals have changed a lot since then this one is a keeper for sure. It's bright, but still very musicaI and sounds great even when struck light. I have been using it a lot with my Ramones cover band. No dents...
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    NEW modified Speed King...???

    A guy in Germany who is a metal worker sells some refurbished Speed Kings with new and improved parts. Interesting!
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    one for Cozy Powell

    1972 with Jeff Beck on German TV:
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    Tama Bell Brass Snares

    Sorry, but I am not planning to trade. Regards, Lars
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    Tama Bell Brass Snares

    That's exactly the one I am selling right now. It's listed in the FOR SALE section. Lars
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    Calling all Slingerland experts

    Thanks! I love this forum!
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    Calling all Slingerland experts

    Hi, I just came across some Slingerland drums. One was a 1940s 14x7" Super Gene Krupa Radio King snare with 16 Beavertail lugs (model #155) in WMP which is legit for sure. The other is a 24x14" Bass Drum with the streamlined lugs. Could anyone tell me if this drum is legit ? I wondered about...