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    Quarter =400?

    One word: amphetamines...
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    interesting ringo muffling anecdotes/image

    No worries, we're all here to nerd out to our hearts content on all things drums. I sorta share your views on reso-less bass drums. A lot of the music I really liked growing up had thuddy/muffled kick sounds with the reso head removed. We did that a lot in the recording sessions I've been to as...
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    interesting ringo muffling anecdotes/image

    First off, I'd like to commend you for your taste in music, it is refreshing to see younger folks interested in what happened in yesteryears. My 12y/o daughter is also a huge Beatles fan and her geeky knowledge of obscure trivia about them surpasses mine by a looong shot. I'd like to know...
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    5 days studio retreat!!!

    Thank you for your kind words Kris :)Well we're all from Eastern Canada, 3 are from New-Brunswick and my bro and I are from the Magdalen Islands wich are part of Quebec but right south of Newfoundland in the St-Lawrence Gulf. And our father spent his life in a trad/celtic influenced band so I...
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    5 days studio retreat!!!

    Now I have to explain what it is that we do and give a little bit of backstory if I want to overcome my impostor syndrom (wich in my case is thouroughly justified) and let you guys get a glimpse of our stuff. First off, I said it already in other threads but I am NOT a drummer. I am extremely...
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    Mmmmm.... Purple, Ludwig that is.

    Oh! I'd rock that purple beauty... May it have a glorious life of pleasant noise-making. Congrats !!
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    Is this a bad idea?

    So, no sputnik antenas on the Blaemire I guess? ;-) Joking aside, Squirrel: if, as David suggested, there is a possible issue with cracking over time, it is a good incentive to learn to play quieter. I used to love bashing like the kit owed me money, but lately, with new neighbors, I kinda...
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    5 days studio retreat!!!

    The snare is a 1914 marching snare and the wires are genuine cat gut... I didn't mess around with the tuning but it sure is a weird tone. I also found 1940's Leedy 32" kick, and here it side by side with my 20" for scale.
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    5 days studio retreat!!!

    Here's a few pics of load in night. Oh and there are 2 of a nice find: an old Leedy marching snare that was in a closet here. I will post more pics tomorrow by the light of day, this place used to be the residence of a manufacturing Tycoon and it has definitely a 70's playboy sort of vibe...
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    5 days studio retreat!!!

    Tornado: Well we are 5 lead singers. We pretty much always sing 5 parts harmonies in choruses and select song sections.We jonkingly refer to ourselves as The Seaguls a cajun bargain bin version of the Eagles... ;-) of the few songs I lead,2 are from behind the kit. I now have waaaaaaaay more...
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    5 days studio retreat!!!

    Yeah, it's my old beater Boxster S. Kinda like the "Catalina drums" of performance cars. A cheaper version the real deal, much bitched about by non-owners, but able to keep up with some of the the big boys when well tuned and handled by capable hands. The poor thing had a rough life ;-), but...
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    Oops I Did it: A Kent

    Hope your kit sounds as good as it looks... Btw, I bust out laughing at your thread title. Best wordplay I've seen in months ;-)
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    5 days studio retreat!!!

    Yes, kids before christmas and all that... My bandmates and I are going on a 5 days writing/recording "workation" in a studio. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. No distractions, no kids or wives around, but most of all, none of that remote crap: music is meant to be played...
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    The 12 inch curse...

    I found the lightest, thinnest snare stand around... A 40$ Dixon. Wouldn't trust this on a cross-country tour but with a short sound test with the WFL 13", I found that it doesn't rob the tom of any tone. It is so flimsy, it is almost comical. It's a good thing I'm working hard learning to play...
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    Allow myself to introduce...myself

    Well, actually.... Nah! You're right ;-)