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    Craviotto or Noble & Cooley... Help me decide!

    I have had both. They are truly amazing works of craftsmanship. Got a beautiful standard finish maple Crav in 2006 (14x6.5). Fabulous drum. About 5 years ago I also found a NC 14x5 maple. It blew me away; it was the sound I was hunting for in maple. To be honest, both are superb. Recording...
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    Unusual or unexpected rhythm sections that just groove so well

    Hi All I happened across Alice Cooper's 1991 "Hey Stoopid" album recently. Songwriting and production aside, I just want to commend on the bass and drum relationship. Godamn superb! The rhythm section just grooves so incrediblY well. Not surprising really. Mickey Curry on drums and Hugh...
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    WTB - Yamaha Recording Custom tom 14X10

    Hi I am looking for a cherrywood RC tom 14x10. Can you help? Thanks all Dan
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    The orphanage - drums to complete your set

    A Yamaha RC 14X10 tom in cherry is what I'm hunting for. Need to ship to Aus. Let me know if you know of one looking for a home!
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    14X10 Yamaha RC Tom

    Hi I'm looking for a Yam 14x10 Recording Custom tom in great working order. Finish not so important - prefer cherry or black Need to ship to Australia. Many thanks D
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    FS - Yamaha RC Tom 14X14 - Made in Japan

    SOLD Yamaha 14 X 14 Recording Custom Tom - Cherrywood **DRUM ONLY** no legs included $520 USD ($700 AUD) plus shipping from Oz Made in Japan. Circa 2010/11 This drum is in immaculate condition and would suit a drum connoisseur. This tom was part of an RC kit I purchased brand new about...
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    The orphanage - drums to complete your set

    I am looking for an orphan one of the following Recording Custom 14x10 tom. (the classic Made in Japan stuff) Prefer Cherry wood to match 1996 my RC kit but I'm open to other options as it is for recording... This will be a player drum so the bearing edges etc need to be in goo working...
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    Mickey Curry

    Ok I'm a few years late to this.... I brought my first Yamaha RC kit in early 1994 and the rep happened to be in the shop in Aus. Adams was touring and I got a comp ticket - sitting behind the drummers shoulder. He was playing a double kick set up with three rack toms and two on the floor. I...
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    14 x 10 Yamaha RC tom is wanted

    Hi All Not sure how "vintage" this is but I am looking for the following. 14 x 10 Yamaha Recording Custom (Japanese made) tom in good working order. Cherry wood is preferred but am open to options. It will be sent to Aus if one can be found.... Thanks for your help D
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    Sonny Emory with Eric Clapton's Band now

    Agreed! With Mike Campbell now with Fleetwood Mac, it would make sense. SEs a monster though. Good for him. That would be terrific. EC has had so many great drummers and Sonny join stellar company but, for me, Steve Ferrone was the one (I was a kid starting out in the lat 80s and Steve was a...
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    Anything comparable to Ultraphones ?

    Bit late to this thread but I totally agree about the earbud/sealing thing being problematic. I'm onto custom plugs for on stage reduction of db. GK's are great - and look tough as nails. I had the VF but they broke during a session due to to weak design of the overhead strap.
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    Thanks to everyone for chipping in. Perhaps my thread title was not right - hard to upgrade from the RC - rather it's a change of flavour I'm seeking and the maple/mahogany NC might turn out to be my new cornflakes! Think I'll hold off until I get to the US again early next year and go play up...
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    Hi everyone. I am in a quandry and could use some feedback. I have some NC snares and have hankered after a Horizon series kit for some time. Can't get them here down under; so naturally I can't try one in person. But several seasoned pro's, whose opinions I hold in high esteem, have told me...