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    DW Inks Endorsement Deal with PR Nightmare Tommy Lee

    My sentiments exactly ...
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    How many songs do you play in a gig?

    45-50 ...
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    1st song you ever learned

    Sweet Home Alabama ...
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    What kit will you use ?

    My Ludwig CMs ...
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    Opinions on 1980’s and 1990’s Ludwig Maple Snares?

    Yes, I have read about this as well.
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    OT - Dealing with a loss

    So sorry for your loss ...
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    Status of your band.

    On hold ...
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    Cymbals that cover the middle ground between Crash and China?

    I use a K Zildjian 18" EFX that's got a good mix of trash/crash with a tad bit more crash than trash. It replaced an 18" Wuhan Linear Smash that sounded like a Sabian Evolution O-zone. A lot of great suggestions thus far ...
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    Black Dots revisited

    I haven't used them since the 80's but you guys and gals are giving me the envie to put some black dot batters on my kit too ...
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    Interesting Bass Drum Pedal Comparison Video

    Interesting stuff there ... Funny, DW5000 single pedals used to come with a bag although I've always preferred the Gibraltar single pedal bag over the DW which was kinda cheap. My 5002 came with a pretty good soft case but it's a little too wide for my hardware case. I find it eye opening to...
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Bar gig a couple of weeks before the mandatory blackout. A reminder to myself of what I used to take for granted ...
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    Tell me about your modern Ludwig Classic Maple Snare drum? I am considering a 6.5x14 CM Ply snare drum.

    I'm a long time Ludwig player so I am a bit biased. In over 40 years, the only non-Ludwig snares that I have ever played was a Yamaha SD-065D snare back in the 80s and a Nashville Slingerland Radio King on several select gigs. So, I don't really have much to compare them too. However ... I...