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    Sticks-do you break them?

    I very seldom break sticks now these days. I think in the last 10 years I may have broke 3 sticks (not pairs).
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    Why do we buy vintage drums vs modern drums?

    I only own 1 drum that I consider vintage (1940's WFL Buddy Rich model snare). I bought it as I didn't have a 3 ply snare in a 14x5.5 size. It has a unique tone compared to my 2013 Ludwig classic maple 14x5 "jazz" festival snare. When I got the recent Legacy Mahogany Jazz Fest (14x5.5...
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    Bass drum impact patch with a CS dot head?

    I don't use a patch while using a CS black dot kick head as I feel the black dot is a large patch.
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    More recording ?'s What mikes are people using ?

    Nady DM-70 for the snare Shure Beta 52 for the kick Shure Beta 98AMP for the toms Audio-Technica AT2020 for the overheads
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    Your recommendation on snare wires?

    Canopus wires
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    When would you choose a mahogany vs a maple snare?

    I use mahogany shell snares for certain songs/genres. Like if I'm playing an 80's cover band gig I will use my Gretsch Swamp Dawg snare (14"x8" all mahogany shell) ... it has that 80's sound. For recording sessions, I've used the Swamp Dawg snare for ballads or songs that need a...
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    New Ludwig Legacy Jazz Festival

    You're welcome.
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    New Ludwig Legacy Jazz Festival

    I'm an artist with Canopus and confirmed it with a Canopus rep that the (3 position) muffler on the Ludwig snare is the Canopus muffler with a custom (red) felt instead of the standard white felt Canopus uses/sells.
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    New Ludwig Legacy Jazz Festival

    I have the Legacy Jazz Festival snare in the Mod Orange and was happy with it except for the snare cord as it broke after about 3 gigs, which looks like you've already replaced it. The original cord that came on it is that green dental floss looking stuff.
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    Pro-Mark Sticks

    I agree with Grooovepig, if you're breaking sticks that much you either need to work on your technique, drum/hi-hat/cymbal(s) positioning or use a different stick. I've been playing for about 35 years and in my first years of playing would break sticks all the time, but in the last 20-25 years...
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    Are you a Player or collector?

    I'm a player but I do own a lot of drum gear (17 snare drums, 6 drum kits, multiple cymbal sets as well as percussion). I own a lot of gear because I do a lot of gigs and recording sessions and it's nice to have multiple options plus I usually buy some gear toward the end of the year to...
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    How much have you spent on drum lessons?

    I taught myself at the beginning by listening to albums and watching drummers live and via video starting for about 2 or 3 years before joining the school band (in the 7th grade). By the time I got to high school my band director wanted me to do about a week worth of drum lessons with a jazz...
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    Drum Amps

    I use a Simmons DA200S amp at gigs and it works and sounds great.
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    Can We Talk About Using Vintage Instead of Modern Drums in Live Settings?

    I have used a vintage snare (1940's WFL Buddy Rich model, all original except for the heads) at gigs with no issues.
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    Snare cord - learned my lesson

    I had that happen with a brand new snare drum brand new out of the Ludwig box (Ludwig Legacy Jazz Fest) after 3 gigs ... the cord just snapped. The cord on those Ludwig snare drums look like dental floss ... ended up using Canopus snare cord to replace it.