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    Who has played the new RCs?

    Umm, me. Love mine and I’ll tell you, the kick which is what I had issues with back in the day is greatly improved.
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    OT: Sick bass player (not in a good way...)

    So sorry man. Life has it's way of turning everything upside down. Hope he gets better soon.
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    Guns And Roses Tama Rockstar 1988 kit - Killer Deal!

    Guess I got to start saving my change...
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    What setup do you bring to club/bar/restaurant gigs?

    All of mine. I don't discriminate!
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    Oriollo Phantom kit 22/13/16

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    Outdoor gigs in the Florida heat

    That’s a gig for a JM kit! I wouldn’t dare take a wrapped kit in that direct sunlight, especially Florida.
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    Roland SPD-SX... Took The Plunge

    So after about six months, how’s the Nord workin out for you?
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    Roland SPD-30 vs SPD-sx vs Yamaha DTX Multipad

    Well I decided to give the Yamaha another try. I like the size and I decided if I'm going to try to use it, I actually need to invest in some time into it. News at 11.
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    Strange Ebay Response to My Asking A Seller A Question

    I agree with this. Sometimes I've listed without knowing "Make an offer" was an option. Next thing I know, someone is making an offer. I declined (the offer was wayyyy low) and changed the setting. There you go. No drama intended.
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    Roland SPD-30 vs SPD-sx vs Yamaha DTX Multipad

    First of all, I've used many variations of the SPD. the 10/11/20/30. I also had the old sx for a minute. I've even had the Yamaha for a brief minute. I loved my SPD pad's. I loved the 30 the least because of the size. The SX on board sounds didn't compare the others in it's serious/ And I have...
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    Oriollo Phantom kit 22/13/16

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    Oriollo Phantom kit 22/13/16

    Bump for price drop
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    Orange Swirl goodies today

    Gulp! Seriously great drums. Congrats!
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    I Joined the 10k Club Today

    Congrats Tommy Boy.
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    OT: Out in my annual 550 mile bike ride from SF to LA

    I’m riding my carbon Volagi with disc brakes and di-2 Ultegra Electronic Shifters.