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    Bump.. I'm based in the UK.
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    Next Paiste crash

    The sig heavy full crash sound similar imo. How big are the dents ? It shouldn't effect the sound. I'm sure you will be happy with the recording sound, I was very happy when I used it with a 2002 power crash.
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    Ufip crashes

    I was thinking maybe Class mediums or the Roughs. I love the sound of the Supernova's but apparently they are pretty thin.
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    Ufip crashes

    Does anyone know what model of ufip crashes would be similar in weight to A customs and 2002 mediums ? The Bionics seem a bit heavy.
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Just picked these up for a good price.
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    Next Paiste crash

    I have cracked a 20" rude thin, 20" sig full crash and a 20" a custom. I'm not pround of it but sometimes I get a little into my playing. I haven't cracked a sabian yet but it doesn't mean I wont. I think all cymbals will crack if abused.
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    Next Paiste crash

    You wont be sorry, it's an awesome sounding cymbal. Let us know what you think.
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    Next Paiste crash

    I use a 20" Rude thin crash and a 20" sig heavy full crash and they are both amazing sounding cymbals imo. Nice amount of cut and power without being too heavy. I have owned a 19" sig power and didnt like it, it was too heavy for my taste, I cant really describe it , a bit shrill I guess. The...
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    Premier guys - what do I have?

    I bought a used Artist maple about 6 years ago and regret selling it. It was one of the sweetest sounding kits I have ever heard, maybe I was lucky and got a good one but even my friends who were drummers said it sounded better or as good as thier top end kits. I would buy another if someone had...
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    Premier Artist Maple

    As title, must have a 22" kick and 16" floor. May consider the birch but definitely not in red, I just dont like red lol.
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    Opinions on these new kits please?

    Does it have to be new ? You could get a lot more bang for your buck second hand. I'm a Tama, Ludwig and Premier fan so I cant comment on the Yamaha. If new I would definitely do some more research on the Sonor.
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    A bit surprised by the Paiste 20 full crash.

    Rude thin crashes are nice sounding cymbals imo.
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    Two Ride Cymbals?

    I've never used a LSR but I often use a sweet ride or Groove ride above my K or 2002 ride but mainly use it as a crash.
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    A bit surprised by the Paiste 20 full crash.

    I have a 20" sig full crash which I absolutely loved, it's now a floor standing lamp as I cracked it and i wanted it to stay in the house. It was a horrible feeling when I saw the crack but I soon got over it. I now have a 20" sig reflector heavy full crash and it's a beautiful cymbal...