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    PDP Concept Maple Classics

    I wish PDP/DW would make a matching snare.
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    Three Up with the C&C’s

    Very nice. Your a blessed man.
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    Triangle on istanbul xist cymbals

    Anyone know what the triangle means on the Istanbul xist cymbals? Thanks
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    DW Design Owners

    Thanks everyone.
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    DW Design Owners

    Can you tell me the distance from bearing edge to the second screw on the lug? Just want to know if I can cut down to a 22x14. Thank you,
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    Music Stand Lights

    Thanks everyone for the info.
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    Music Stand Lights

    What has everyone been using for music stand lights? I'm looking for something that I can attach to a stand and withstand the outside elements. Plus it would need to just light the stand not the whole area. Thank you,
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    Is C&C Drum Company Still in Business

    Last time I emailed Chicago Music Exchange about this they said and I quote, "I don't know, why don't you call them. Can you imagine my thoughts on that comment.
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    Opening for Chris Tomlin!

    Hey man, Congratulations on the show. Rig looks good. Blessings
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    ACM's and Jimmy Fallon

    Way to go bud.
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    How many drum sets have you owned in your lifetime?

    Two, and I have not been able to own one in the last ten years.
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    Ash wood for Drums

    Thanks everyone.
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    Ash wood for Drums

    Has anyone had any experience with Ash wood for their drum set or snare drums? What I have been reading is that it has a lower end than maple. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Where is the annual thread discussing this years halftime show?

    That new Burgundy Mist wrap on the drums was absolutely stunning.