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    Worldmax are probably Metric
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    Pour-on epoxy resin as a protective gloss finish

    oh, i forgot to mention... air bubbles
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    Pour-on epoxy resin as a protective gloss finish

    i found bartop-type epoxies to be too thick, and took much too long to cure... like, hours too much chance for dust to settle, plus the coating is about an 1/8" thick of solid plastic; if something goes awry, your shell is pretty much garbage you have the perfect rig for wipe-on poly with a...
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    David Bowie Friday 5fer

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    I want to get my Tama Camco pedal in tiptop shape. Can you help?

    honestly, MacGuyver a footplate for that thing, or look into buying one the wire extension rods are its weakest link
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    Remote bass drum for low tom positioning

    i, too, did try it for a couple of weeks years ago, but found that the entire kit sounded tiny, because the bass drum was "over there", so not as loud or present and also, the toms didn't resonate sympathetically with the kick, so the "roar of the kit at full throttle" disappeared as well...
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    Playing along to records

    I love playing along to music, but use an ipod and just use the current song as a tempo and mood, and try stuff against that playing straight doubles on a hihat for an entire song, or quarter note foot stomps is a great way to keep subdivisions “musical” might not be so great for jazz, but i...
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    degrasso, morgan rose, brass freefloater, steel sensitone and carbonply all keepers
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    strategies for getting craigslist sellers to reply?

    Are you intending to buy, or just kicking tires?
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    6 or 8 lugs on a 13" snare?

    i have an Accent tom i converted to a snare, and six lugs works fine... in fact, i now like 13" snares as well
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    Behringer products musictribe no support

    behringer doesn't make tracktion
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    Gluing shells together

    on the bright side, if you don't nail the seam perfectly, you'll only be out 3 shells what happens if the top is out of round compared to the bottom?
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    This drum set is a steal for $400!

    also, pinstripes will reduce any drum to a "vanilla state", as i've recently found, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does give them a "one-single-tone" thing that is not always good for variety kinda like drum machine toms
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    Evans Drum head quality issues? **Updated Evans response**

    i have three coated Evans that STILL (after 8 years) do this, even after i waxed them... anything that touches to them sticks, and gets a white tacky residue left behind as a friendly reminder no problems with the newer ones
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    Lithium on Key Screws ?

    i use sewing machine oil