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    Why do we buy vintage drums vs modern drums?

    pretty sure the real reason people buy vintage drums is so that they can have 80 kits sitting on shelves its absurd the number of collectors there are; reminds me of sports cards, or the diamond industry artificial "scarcity"... it seems to be working
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    Your Top Ten Albums of 2010-2019

    bloom - beach house teen dream - beach house walls - kings of leon the party - andy schauf kintsugi - death cab for cutie a deeper understanding - the war on drugs american dream - lcd soundsystem alvvays - alvvays future me hates me - the beths antisocialites - alvvays
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    80's Remo Drums

    Ebony Pinstripes are two 10-mil plies PLUS the glue ring pretty much a yogurt container lid he was pushing the "piano approach" at the time, so probably wanted focus alongside the stacked "white-noise" cymbals
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    Refinishing a big kit-need help

    You’d be trading one crappy stain job for another... remember, all the shells need to somewhat match, which means all the removal results ALSO have to match Paint or wrap is the way... or aluminum flashing, in a pinch
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    Edges w/o a router?

    i think it was here years ago when i was in the same predicament, and someone suggested a Stanley Surform shaver its do-able, and i found the best technique was to use circular swiping motions at an angle, with a good raking light so you can see your progress... but it takes forever, and...
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    Advice Needed on Baring Edge problem

    Its so small that anything that you use to “fix” it might not hold up over time... but an epoxy putty might work
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    Huge drum haul. Lots of rust.. octobans, pearl FG, lots of cymbals..

    get yourself an ultrasonic cleaner, and you could save almost everything, with minimal effort put water in the cleaner, than parts in a jar or small tub with the evaporust put THAT jar in the water, and go... reduces the "overnight" aspect into "8 minutes"... plus it'll easily handle bolts...
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    O.T Amazing and Electrifying live Performances!

    all these years i thought they were a straight-up synth band...
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    What do you play along to?

    i pretty much approach every song as a "second guest" drummer, then either double whats happening (left-handed, if i can pull it off) or set up calls/responses with existing part
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    drums with head bigger than diameter...

    slap six thick gaskets on a drum and see if it turns your crank you'll get your answer in minutes, as opposed to months
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    Shell holes and JB Kwikwood?

    i rewrapped a bass drum for a client that replaced the original 4-hole spurs with a 3-hole set and used a similar epoxy putty stick, and it worked out fine, and was pretty easy to use
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    POLL: Sabian Logo Fallout - Still Buying Their Cymbals?

    First thing i do after getting a new cymbal i like is remove ALL logos, any brand... have done that for years, looks less NASCAR to me
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    O/T...Bike inner Tubes

    Also, the tire goop that you pour into the tube to fix minor punctures actually DOES work, but you need a Schrader for that... you unthread the pin in the valve If you happen to ride on garbage day, there’s usually a fine collection of broken glass everywhere
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    Do You Remember Where You Were 20 Years Ago Today When "More Cowbell" First Aired on SNL?

    i remember seeing it live at home, and thought it was hilarious i knew something was up when i hung out with a DJ friend either 1 or 2 saturdays after, and a dance track came up with a (duh) super busy cowbell pattern and a breakdown with Christopher Walken's quote this was the time of the...
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    Don't you hate it when your drum kit shows up for sale on CL..... and you were the last to know??

    i had someone use photos of a set i took in my kitchen for his ad... to be fair, when i googled the kit brand, my photo was the only one that came up