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    How do workers at cymbal/drum companies get hired?

    i worked at the Larrivee guitar factory for 6 months around 2002 or so... every task is reduced to its basic form, and you're expected to do that "X" number of times a day i was a side bender, and on good days i'd get 60-70 pairs, but usually averaged in the high 50s once i was there a month...
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    How to change natural feel after many years of drumming?

    better yet, play along to this with ONLY your hihat foot, with the knowledge that Rick would lock you in the cargo bay if you messed the feel even ONCE don't play the breaks, just keep chugging through, with no pauses, delays or hesitations you'll know if you got it
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    How to change natural feel after many years of drumming?

    to me, it sounds like your hihat arm is subdividing, and all your other limbs are trying to follow maybe try a "more cowbell" approach, with the left hihat foot leading... it'll focus on your balance, and driving from your legs better still, practice ALL you beats with an upbeat hihat foot
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    How do workers at cymbal/drum companies get hired?

    Turning “what you love” into your job is the first step to hating it the negative aspects that you never knew existed became the focus points of your life until they eventually outnumber the positives
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    Values of NOS snares, and drums

    i imagine if you tried to sell it later, you'd have an easier time moving it as a drum in "immaculate condition" versus all the crap from people trying to degrade what it means to be "new" if you work in retail... you know
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    Tell us about some of your drumming milestones

    For me, it was climbing into a van to begin a cross country tour, two months before turning 30; it was a big deal at the time, as i started playing late and most bands i ever got into never lasted more than 10 gigs… or even 4
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    David Garibaldi: No More Left Foot 8th Notes?

    a lever-glide style hihat stand would help greatly, as the amount of force required to play a foot note is reduced by about 2/3rds... so the focus switches to a "dexterity" thing rather than a "strength" thing
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    Getting Badges Flush with Shell

    double sided tape would work, shouldn't be too hard to slip under the edges; might need tweezers a dab of epoxy using a paper clip might also do
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    OT/Sort of-drum room water issues

    also, make sure those risers are made of a non-absorbent material, as eventually water can wick up to your gear a slow leak near a fiber case can lead to extreme mold growth that you won't even know exists until you open the case luckily for me, inside the case was just another drum bag, but...
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    Do you tighten all lugs & hardware new drums?

    depends on the season... i wouldn't torque drums in the winter, when they've been stored in a heated environment, with low humidity if they're loose in the summer, during humid periods, absolutely
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    Festival wants to use my kit as backline.

    its a good call as well because if the fourth band screws up your gear, the remaining six drummers have to deal with whatever survives up until his turn
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    Full sound snares off, thin sound snares on

    you could also try a 12-mil batter head, which adds a bit of low end OR, just let it sit for a week, and try it again... sometimes heads "settle down" once they have had a chance to conform to their new shape
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    Cool coincidence (two different brands with similar lugs)

    lucky for you, i've had a reverse situation where the Pearl coffin lugs i was going to transplant on a drum were all different outwardly, they all look the same, but closer inspection of their corners, curves, borders and hole spacing revealed that there are probably seven or eight different...
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    Any experience with 10” deep snare drums?

    The lowest stands only go down to 14.5 inches, so if you think that’s ok, give it a go
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    Cutting 30 Degree Bearing Edges

    doubt you'd find a bit with a 1/4" shaft, as the cutting forces at 60/30 degrees would put a risky amount of stress on a small bit live dangerously, and go 18.5 degrees