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    Who here has skipped/forgone learning doubles on the kick drum?

    So to answer my own question - while what I wrote was correct back when I was taught, it would appear that we've long since clarified some of these names. Which actual makes sense - as when I was taught, the ruff was LLR - while the 4 stroke ruff was LRLR And there was the Single Drag - a...
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    Iconic Drum Intro's

    How odd - this is the second time today that I've typed the words - "Little Miss Lover"
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    Who here has skipped/forgone learning doubles on the kick drum?

    Are you referring to the names? Because I think they would normally be called 1. Ruff and 2. 3 stroke roll - correct?
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    Who here has skipped/forgone learning doubles on the kick drum?

    Actually I think Drumeo has a pretty helpful video about this with Larnell Lewis. I mean Larnell is a mutant with all of this - but don't be put off by the flashy mega-facility intro. Because after that comes a very down to earth, meat and potatoes demonstration of the two basic techniques he...
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    Who here has skipped/forgone learning doubles on the kick drum?

    I think we might collectively be veering into quite a few definitions as to what should be called a double on the bass drum. Let's talk something everyone probably knows - Zepplin's "Immigrant Song". For example, there are two 1/16th's on the bass drum leading into beat 2, right? I would call...
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    Chart or no chart

    I personally love having a chart - nothing pulls me out of the zone more than worrying that I might not have memorized it right. I think I've just read so much for so long - that it doesn't pull me out of "the zone" to look at it as I need. The only time it's really an issue though just...
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    OT - serious as a heart attack

    Just think about how many wait... and die... not willing (or able) to cough up that deductible "just to be sure". I have to say - there's few things to cheer about regarding getting old... but Medicare is certainly one.
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    The "graveyard" subforums

    And yet members have expressed exactly.... And the topic isn't about having "sub-categories or not", it is about two uniquely different subcategories - that aren't defined the nature of their content, but the origin of that content. While it seems obvious from multiple posts that you personally...
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    TV Theme Songs

    If you are referring to the TV show - I can pretty positively say that no, Billy did no playing on it. The TV show ran from 1965-1969 and was recorded in LA - Billy spent the 1st three of those years in the Army band and much of '69 on the road with Horace Silver. Plus unusually, the Wild West...
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    TV Theme Songs

    Yes, but always remember Hal Blaine was more of record guy (usually thought to be the higher level status industry-wise) than a TV guy - though he did do all sorts of work. For instance, the Batman theme - he's widely been credited with playing on that and I've never really seen it disputed...
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    We've Never Tackled The Greatest Drumming Movies of All Time?

    Of course, it's over the top. But really not as much as so folks suggest. I had a concert band director that was in that league - dictatorial, abusive, belittling, unreasonable... the man was hugely talented, but he a tyrannical A**. And my degree advisor as well. So like all movies do -...
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    Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface?

    And what the Thunderbolt 3 is supposed to buy the user of the 2626 is extremely low latency - in the roundtrip in about 1 msec range. That plus the fact that the 1824c has only one set of ADAT digital I/O's, where the 2626 has two and the 1824 only has word clock out. The 2626 is definitely a...
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    TV Theme Songs

    We had a big thread on all of this a few years ago - and there was a great YouTube channel that had tons of great info on it - it is long gone sad to say - so here's a cut and paste of a post I made back then... (It actually lists Rick Marrota as drums on Starsky with Gadd on perc - which I...
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    TV Theme Songs

    Probably not - why? (And this just a whole lot of fitting the pieces together - meaning guessing on my part...) :cool: OK - I believe Starsky and Hutch had 3 or 4 different themes - year one was by Mark Snow (very action cop show vibe) - year two was a whole shift in tome to this happy funk...
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    Opinions on this Preloaded Mac

    Rmgreg - OK - long time Mac user here - and while as fallen above says, macs do hold their value and usefulness for a very long time. But at the latest, this is a 2010 model... like quite functional, but as far as interfacing with the rest of the world... pretty much at "end of life". The last...