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    What is your favourite snare this week

    Great question: favorite snare this week? This one has been on the stand the last few months, Ludwig Rock/Concert snare, die cast top hoop, heavy, lots of sounds I’m learning to use.
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    I finally drew a line in the sand re: a gig my R&B/Classic Rock band plays

    That's a good letter, Dan. A line has to be drawn somewhere - and it's often not about bad or evil bar owners/managers, but just our own cost-benefit analysis. Nothing personal, even if it really is personal. Let's see the response...
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    Joined the Vista Club

    Totally cool! I’ve got an old clear set that Ive gigged off and on for the last 20 years or so. It is a great addition to your collection. Pics when you get ‘em.
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    Thoughts on DW Ultralight snare stand?

    I've been using one for the last 2-3 years for gigs. Light as a feather. No slippage, no real bouncing, and I play rock. I like the spring loaded basket as well. For the past few months I've been playing a REALLY heavy snare, Ludwig 6.5 6-ply Rock/Concert, and surprisingly have had no...
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    1980's Ludwig SL drum set..Good deal???

    Sounds like a good deal, Good to see a photo if possible, of course. If it's an SL, it probably is not silver cortex but a cheaper silver or grey plastic wrap - easy to remove if you so choose.
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    What is the "hands down" best sounding Ludwig snare?

    I’ve had several now, but I picked up this 6.5 Rock/Concert 6 ply a couple months ago and it has dethroned my Acro.
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    Just swapped out my Acrolite P83 for INDe

    Our drums are pretty freaking similar. I got this Acro about 20 years ago at a music go round, it actually had some cheap incorrect throw on it. I replaced that with a P 83, but then at some point after a gig I dropped it on the strainer and it dented the arm, so a couple years ago I put this...
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    Would you buy a 6-pc vistalite for $400?

    Do it, can’t go wrong for that price.
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    Music Go Round; Saga of the 90 day local hold

    Nice snag. So does that "local hold" mean anyone walking into the store over that 90 day period could have bought it?
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    Zildjian " Armand" Series cymbals

    Back in 2012. Craigslist sale. Like new. $250.00.
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    Zildjian " Armand" Series cymbals

    About 6-7 years ago I bought a whole set of 21/18/16/14s with bag for a ridiculously low price. I use the 16 crash and hats for gigs - good medium thin sounds. The ride is very nice, and I use it occasionally.
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    Your Go-To Crash Thickness and Reason(s)

    For one crash: a 16" Medium Thin of some sort - these days I am using an Armand Zildjian. I use a 22" Paiste 2002 Ride, and it has a few voices depending on where and how it's hit. So the only thing I need from a crash is a quick emphasis. And I like the way 16s do that. p.s. I have never...
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    Songs that give you a hard time

    And that's exactly what I did at the gig on Thursday (confession time...). Especially because I was playing the headliner band's drum kit, with a good but different pedal and different ergonomics, I didn't want to risk losing the flow in front of several hundred people. Then the audience would...
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    looking for decent congas

    A few years ago I picked up a set of Toca's mid-range congas off Craigslist for a song... Elite or Elite Pro is the line, and other than a few scratches they are as good as new. Very solid. So I'd echo BennyK, try different ones, keep an open mind and keep an eye open for a deal, especially...
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    Songs that give you a hard time

    I know exactly what you mean. I have a big gig coming later this week, one high energy set in front of a lot of people, and right towards the end, when the energy will be a challenge because it will be hot and humid outdoors, “We Got the Beat.” We haven’t played it for a big audience yet, and...