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    New purchase. Is this worth mentioning?

    I'm in the "nonissue" camp. I would play it and forget about it, I don't see that getting worse or leading to a crack if it's treated well (using a cymbal sleeve and felts if that's your thing). Life's too short IMHO.
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    Pingy K custom for rock?

    Another appreciation here for the K Heavy Ride. Just a great tone but ALSO a ping that can cut through. Obviously there's a lot of variety among them so you gotta get lucky, I had a great older one and a way too thick later model.
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    Chicago 2. What an album!

    Yikes!! You are correct, sir.
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    Chicago 2. What an album!

    Chicago was my first favorite band, and my first rock concert, 1977, still amazing with Terry Kath. I probably put on the headphones and played along to every album through Chicago VII in our basement. A lot of Danny Seraphine's playing must have seeped into my consciousness.... Thanks for...
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    Spicing up my gigging kit

    I have never seen hoop inlays on metal hoops. I really like the red, not sure about the white personally. But it’s great to be creative with your kit, no need to do things exactly like everybody else does.
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    "Do you wanna sell that"?

    I’ve never been asked “will you sell that to me?“ I have been asked, a couple times, by good drummers that I know, “if you ever decide to sell that, would you let me know?” That’s a pretty nice way to express interest.
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    Are your small gigs worth it anymore?

    I’m fortunate to be in a town where almost every gig is within a 15 minute drive. Easy load-ins. People I like playing with. Decent to fantastic crowds. And people have been tipping more since Covid, so most gigs have been paying well over $100 a person. Finally, the more I play, the better I...
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    New Vistalites! - Ludwig Vistalite 50th Anniversary

    As a longtime player of clear Vistas, this is serious eye candy! I love a good set of Vistas, and the red and black sparkle are my favorites of these.
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    Does Listening for the Drums Affect How You Hear Music?

    I don’t think the two ways are mutually exclusive. But I always am listening for the drumming, like “he switched to the ride cymbal there” or “cool snare sound” or “he’s hitting crash cymbals too much,” while also enjoying the rest of the tune. Good question.
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    Favorite wood snare that's not a jazzfest.

    Lots of good responses, but this is the best advice - look for other features to get a variety of sounds. Deeper or shallower shell. Thicker shell. More lugs. Die cast or thicker hoops. Different edges.
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    Can a dark spot on cymbal due to splash be cleaned off?

    I actually use Armand hats and 16 inch crash on my gig set. These are the ones that were really shiny when they were new. Mine have weathered a fair amount, a couple small stains (beer and water) sort of like the one you have but maybe not quite so dark. I just live with them, and I think over...
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    Maneskin on SNL

    How can I be the first person to mention that the drummer is playing Vistalites? Not particularly my kind of music, but I found it really interesting, and it’s great that they actually have musicians playing live on Saturday Night Live. And they are tight. With cowbell worked in to the groove...
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    To freshen up or not?

    My vote would be to keep them as they are. Just wipe off the dust (carefully). Not too many of those out there, lots more stopped shell kits I think.
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    (Not Political!) Could the SHOP SAFE act stifle DFO gear sales?

    This definition should exclude from the Act sales of percussion instruments, unless you're allergic to them or they cause a "serious adverse event," which describes a few of my gigs I guess... ‘‘(iii) The term ‘goods that implicate9 health and safety’ means goods the use of10 which can lead to...