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    JCR cowbells

    I tried to do an iPhone video but the sound came out worse than a cymbal so not worth posting.
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    New Ludwig kit purchase

    That finish looks amazing. Congrats! Steve Maxwell just put out a new video saying Ludwig products are a 5-6 month wait, so that lines up with what you said about months of waiting. He also points out Marcus Gilmore has Roy’s old mahogany finish jazzette from the 60’s. I’d get mahogany’s if I...
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    Greyson Nekrutman reacts to Whiplash

    That was so educational. Thank you for posting. I feel like a better jazz drummer already. Grateful he would share his years and years of professional jazz experience with us mortals for free about this very important drumming movie.
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    How do you record your practice sessions?

    Do you use video to record your practice sessions? What do you use? iPhone?
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    JCR cowbells

    Hand held. Or lay on a towel. I’ve seen timbale players keep one on their timbale head.
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    JCR cowbells

    Sure, will get that together.
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    JCR cowbells

    Handmade by a master craftsman.
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    Are Jazz Guys feathering...

    Here’s one of the best living drummers today giving feathering examples. Greg Hutchinson https://www.instagram.com/tv/Ckgjm97p-x2/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
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    Jasper desk...

    Good luck shutting the drawers, they are probably oversized. Send to precision to wrap in champagne sparkle.
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    JCR cowbells

    Hi- I don’t think I’ll be needing these anymore so on to a new family they go. 4 JCR cowbells. All in very good-great condition. Top left clockwise: approx 4” 8” 7” 8” Pretty much covers every gig. $300 each or $900 for all 4 plus shipping.
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    Old Niles, IL Slingerland factory sighting

    I grew up a few blocks away from there. If you keep going down Milwaukee past Oakton there’s a diner called Booby’s (that was the original owners nickname in the 50’s). I think his kids run it now. I couldn’t recommend this place enough. The skirt steak sandwich is the thing legends are made...
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    Sonor 426 snare drum

    I have the 424 version, they are great. I think they tend to sound dry due to the heavy hoops but if you use a remo ambassador that will help liven it up. Or you can find some triple flanged hoops but stick with Sonor so they fit those tension rods.
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    Drum collection videos

    I have a small (10x8) room in my apartment as a practice room but there’s not much room to display or store drums. My dream is to have a basement or Carter style converted garage as a large drum room/studio.
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    What's the Piccolo Snare Holy Grail?

    Didn’t know Ludwig made older copper piccolo snares. Don’t see it in any catalogs. Does anyone own one?
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    Drum collection videos

    Lol, “I bought 5, as you do, because I have a problem.” Loved that line. Interesting he has mostly higher end vintage kits and then some mij and pearl export. Also interesting that he pointed out the popularity of his Ludwig bronze snares. I had one and when Ludwig announced they were going...