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    Best compliment you've received about your drumming?

    In my life, getting this face from band members and people in the audience is the best compliment!
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    Drummers with odd playing postures

    And this one
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    Drummers with odd playing postures

    I think this counts
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    Is "overplaying" in style?

    This. These types of posts are always interesting to me because I was raised in drumming to have a strong pocket, drive the music, set up band hits and be an integral part of the sound. In most settings in which I play, people think I’m being funny or in a bad mood if I play in a way that’s says...
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    Florida Drummers Thread

    Jacksonville, FL since last year.
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    Pearl pro set recommendations

    Session Studio Classic Prestige Session Select MLX WOOD/Fiberglass
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    Is "overplaying" in style?

    Some bands just need a busier drummer who can also “lay the bricks” while setting up transitions and doing locks or chops through hits. You can tastefully add to the music with chops and fills while also still respecting the music and not doing too much. This is just a reality of the modern...
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    How do you approach slowing down a tune that started off WAYYYY too fast?

    Simple. Stay relaxed and If this happens, I just gradually lag just a bit for a few measures (barely noticeable and in the last measure of an 8 bar loop, I will do a 4 bar count off on the hats of the new tempo right before the 1 of the new bar of an 8 bar loop. May sound confusing if you don’t...
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    The Official DFO RANDOM DRUM PHOTO Thread!!!!

    Done for now lol…
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    The Official DFO RANDOM DRUM PHOTO Thread!!!!

    I’ll play…
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    2 more “snoms” in process lol

    Thanks. I took a lil break but the love for all things drums always brings me back.