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    Flat or Angled?

    The older I get, the longer I play, the closer everything in the kit gets to me. Cymbals are low, some angle, all set up close for economy of motion. regards don
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    At what point do made-in-Taiwan/China drums become cool?

    When Birnum Wood doth come to Dunsinane.......
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    2020 Chicago Drum Show 30th Anniversary: Roll Call!

    ready to travel!!
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    Dream BOP kit....

    My Slingerland orphan kit.
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    Piece of equipment that's stuck with you

    Slingerland 1-ply Artist that came with my first kit bought in January 1964. Once or twice it almost got away, now it’s not going anywhere without me. don
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    Favorite Brush tunes

    Jeff Hamilton!
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    1960's Slingerland wood snares

    The Student models were a big surprise, I have a mahogany Chicago and a later maple Niles. Both drums tune well, the mahogany a bit more woodie. I’ve used both in jazz trio groups and they played well, sticks and brushes, medium to high tuning. I added a Hollywood Ace last year but haven’t...
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    Snare string/rope/wire

    I recently bought a Slingerland 1-ply Artist snare with the early Zoomatic strainer. I’ve rehabbed the drum replacing the wires with Canopus wires, an amazing improvement in sensitivity and sound. The string included with the Canopus wires while robust, seem to stretch out over time; I have to...
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    Not likely but here goes

    I realize at the outset, success in finding these is akin to finding Jimmie Hoffa. Having said that, I’m looking for a pair of (top and bottom) Slingerland Radio King nickel, engraved eight-hole stick chopper rims. Dull chrome or needy of restoration would work too. I’ll pay a premium for these...
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    High end hi hat stand recommendation?

    I used a Pearl 800 single leg hi-hat for forty years, rock solid, smooth, great stand. Weight however and overall large footprint in my small stand case became a problem. I went with a Yamaha 700 and recently took the plunge on a Canopus. The 700 is a great stand, light and fast, packs easy. The...
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    Dw Slingerland speculation for fun

    My guess DW Slingerland RK LLC will be a line of boutique snares. They’ll be a variation on current DW drums with RK styling cues; lugs and bearing edge, maybe three point strainer and gates and a stylized DW RK Cloud badge. They’ll be pricey but Slingerland will never rise to be a major brand...
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    In Honor of the DW Acquisition, Lets See Your Slingerland Drum Pics!

    Slingerland Ebay orphans; bass a 50’s 16x16 Mahogany shell Floor Tom. Floor Tom a 10x14 marching tenor. Repro RK lugs, re-wrapped red sparkle. They sound amazing. Regards Don
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    Help on a Vintage Slingerland Radioking

    How’s your thumb?
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    Old Stamp K Zildjian HH Question - Was I Duped?

    You like the way they sound?