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    Happy 4th of July

    Happy belated birthday USA! We just had ours 3 days ago and I agree, 2 of the greatest nations on earth right here in our big corner of the world. I just hope it doesn’t take long to open the borders. I’m quite happy up here, but knowing that I just can’t drive over right now feels like...
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    Your opinion of NICKELBACK

    Never understood the hate for this band. There is so much worse out there. I think it became cool to hate on them until even that became a bit stale. I’m not a huge fan, but they have a few songs I would definitely crank if they came on. Great live band, real instruments, I like it I...
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    "TRIUMPH" Deep Cut Friday Five Fer

    I was such a huge fan from Allied Forces to Thunder 7. Saw them on that tour and even as a kid in high school, I thought “how can they be making any money”?! That stage production was over the top. I can’t imagine the heat onstage under that many par cans.
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    "Snortin' Whiskey" PAT TRAVERS

    Hooked on Music off that live album is just stupid tight and groovy. Some of the best twin lead guitar playing I’ve heard on that album.
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    Let's Have a Meet-Up at the Newly Named Neil Peart Pavilion

    I’m reading Roadshow right now. One thing I learned is The Trees isn’t what I thought it was about. Also, Neil would not want to ensure the maples got more light, and he certainly wouldn’t want to solve it by hatchet, axe, and saw. Even more than Ghost Rider, I learned quite a bit about his...
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    GIGS are ON!

    For perspective, deaths per 1 million population is less than much less than Italy, Spain, UK, France, and Netherlands among others. Complicating matters is the manner in which deaths are reported as Covid related or not.
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    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    I would buy DW if they didn’t have round lugs. I’m sure they care. Besides that, the names of kick pedals that are more suited to roller coasters: Eliminator, Iron Cobra, etc...
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    Quarantine trade deals been good!

    Because I’ve played so many mediocre backline Yamaha kits in my lifetime that failed to impress me, I was never a Yamaha fan. it took one festival set behind Club Customs that changed that. I’ve been lusting after these since, in your finish too. There’s a 4 piece on Reverb, but it’s a...
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    Lazy/bad technique

    I use to do that as well, until I started raising my snare higher to break myself out of it. Just a different approach, that’s all. I only did it because my I was not only resting my hand, I was hitting my leg with it. I assumed that had to be taking away something from my playing. I...
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    Hagar/Anthony/Johnson/Bonham - lockdown challenge

    This is so cool: The band chooses songs to learn and record individually, and then puts it all together. No air drumming on this one. Great cover of this song.
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    any one got experience w/RMV drums and Bapeva wood (or other woods)

    I came so close to ordering a new kit before they left the North American market. The reviews were great, and prices very affordable . I drove a couple hours to try out a kit at a store in Toronto, who had the only demo kit I could find. I really liked it a lot, and the only thing...
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    6.5 x14 aluminum Pearl Sensitone ... how does it compare with 402 ?

    I’ve played both regularly. The 402 wasn’t mine, but I had it for quite a while on loan from a friend. I have the Sensitone. A 402 was always on my must haves when I found the Sensitone at a great price some years ago. Honestly, I can hear no difference. If the price was close, I would go...
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    Okay, Tony Brock Under Rated

    The Baby’s had some great songs. A band I was in some years ago covered Head First and Midnight Rendezvous. Brock really laid down some groove. Great drummer.
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    OT - Anyone Else Watching "Tiger King" -- The Best Documentary in the History of Documentaries?

    Just finished the first 2 episodes. Very well done documentary in terms of character development. Just as you think you know everything about someone, them boom! What?! Not that there are any clear protagonists, but I am not liking much of what I am seeing about Carole Baskin.
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    XLR cable choices/pricing?

    Agreed with all above - mid-price cables of some decent quality are fine. I‘ve tossed out every XLR I once bought as a cheap pack off Amazon. They can’t handle regular gigging and absolutely will fail.