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    Does Rock’s Worst Singer Have “The Craziest Drummer”?

    I’ve seen clips of him before and knew he was entertaining, but man that clip is something! Snare problem? No problem, let’s just swap it out mid song! Wow.
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    Question(s) for gretsch renown owners

    I’ll chime in on the weight issue. My Renown’s have been my primary gigging kit for about 10 years now. Sciatica has been bothering me for a few years and lugging equipment doesn’t help matters. Last year I swapped out the ‘Rims’ mounts and die-cast hoops on the batter sides only for 2...
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    We Aint Much of A Vocal Band

    Beautiful shuffle....Shuffle.
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    To Click or not to Click? A thread for debate ;)

    I was with one band for a long while in the 90s, just a 4 piece with 2 guitars and bass. The decision was made to play more covers that called for more than what we could replicate. That required click, sequences, backing tracks, etc.... we did that for about a year then decided to get back...
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    After the isolated Bobby and Bonham tracks...a couple funny stories..

    Good post Trey. It’s crazy, even at the level of us mere mortals: I remember being asked to move my kit about a few inches to the right as I had not centred myself below our large banner that was ‘precisely’ centred above the stage. It reminds me of seeing clips of acts in the 70s, and the...
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    Die cast hoops, should I?

    I did the opposite and changed from die-cast to triple flanged on my Gretsch kit, but just on the batter side. I did solely for feel, not sound. As charlesm said, it’s a harder feel. I found my wrists getting sore. I like the sound better myself, and the lighter weight of the drums, but...
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    Yamaha Oak Customs, tell me about them

    To my ears, harsh and loud. However I’ve only played them twice as backline. Not sure I even trust my ears anymore after years of sonic abuse.
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    Rick Allen

    It does, and I’m sure that helped a lot.
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    OT Ottawa flood crisis

    I lived in Rockland for 3 years and witnessed a couple bad floods, but that is crazy. Good that people are helping put, but not surprised - some good folk in that part of the province. The ones not doing a photo op, I mean.
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    Rick Allen

    I thought I saw a rig rundown on YT for his setup a few years ago. I’m sure someone will link it. As much as I dislike the whole HOF mess, Def Leppard’s performance was really good, and the mix was the best I heard of them live. Rick Savage’s bass was finally way up and added so much...
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    IEM personal amplifier?

    I only have experience with the Rolls, which has been going strong for about 7 years now. I have zero complaints. That price is really good too, I paid $65 for mine. I have the one that also runs off 9V. A great option if there’s limited power sources.
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    Sonor D 506 score!

    I’ve had mine since around ‘89. I can never part with it. Sound great in low, med, and high. It does sound 402-ish.
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    Conquering the Click!

    I thought I had decent enough meter during recording sessions. When I recorded an EP with my previous band, I thought my timing regressed. I was losing the click take after take. We were recording drums, and a guide rhythm and bass live off the floor. After a break, I thought to pull the...
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    Dumb question about Kijiji

    Yes, they should be. However there’s a drum reseller around my area who posts a lot of gear on there. He will also post on Facebook and I know all his prices are Canadian as that is largely who he sells to. But I saw someone from the U.S. express interest in an item and ask if his price is...
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    Can you identify the make of these drums?

    The spur does look like early Sonor Force, but the lugs look like stubbier knock offs of the Performer/Phonic series. The rest is not recognizable to me.