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    Acrolite Drum Set

    Hello all, Have owned the kit for many years....never have tried to sell it or part it out in the past. Will try and get some pix up in the near future. Bizzy with work. Thanks! Doom....
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    Nice kit! I like the tape on the cow bell. It was used in the past for sure. Great find....
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    Possible Reason to Hate Young People

    Time Marches On....
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    forum names

    Fan of the "Haunted Mansion" ride in Disney. The car you ride in is called a "Doom Buggy"....
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    OFF TOPIC:Steelers Fans?

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    R.I.P. Gerry Rafferty.

    Always liked "Right Down The Line"....
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    Very Early Chicago live

    I think it needs more "Cow Bell"....Just kidding :icon_smile:
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    How did you hear about DFO?

    Old DCI Guy....
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    Your favourite ever finish

    Rogers Red Onyx....
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    28" WMP Slingerland Bass****SOLD****

    Thanks for all of the offers and info....Drum has been sold to a local.... Thanks again! Doom....
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    28" WMP Slingerland Bass****SOLD****

    Hello, PM me your shipping address.... Thanks! Doom
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    28" WMP Slingerland Bass****SOLD****

    Mike, I have no idea on the value of this drum. 12 lugs on each side. Ludwig heads. WMP inlay on hoops also. It has not been drilled for any type of mounts. Thanks! Doom....
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    28" WMP Slingerland Bass****SOLD****

    Slingerland bass drum. Could use a cleaning if desired.
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    Favorite Line(s) From A Song

    Mama told me when I was young Come sit beside me, my only son And listen closely to what I say. And if you do this It'll help you some sunny day. Oh, take your time... Don't live too fast, Troubles will come and they will pass. Go find a woman, oh baby, you'll find love, And don't forget...
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    Ummm, for $500 bucks...

    Looks like a lot of "Low End" drums.... I would stay away....