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    Question about prominent members selling on DFO

    Our tech/marketing group came up with those numbers, they watch It closely, along with the other sites they work with.
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    OT: RIP Vin Scully

    Sad to hear, he called many great baseball games, RIP
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    Question about prominent members selling on DFO

    Many thanks and many thanks for your support, but the mods are the key as I have only 2 eyes, they all do a great job of moderating and we all want a place that is smooth sailing, fun and easy to buy and sell.
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    Question about prominent members selling on DFO

    Many. many sales are made here...with no issues, in fact the only hiccups that have been encountered is when someone wants payment via paypal friends and family, which to advertise in a listing is against our rules, pay with regular paypal=no issues.
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    You can only have one choice. Right now, which is your favorite kit you own?

    I have owned quite a few new and vintage and they are all great, but I will always go to my number one choice, maybe I am old school, but for me it is Yamaha Recording Custom. I have played many gigs with them, swing jazz and rock, recorded with them ( what a surprise). The sound fit and feel...
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    Question about prominent members selling on DFO

    I will chime in here, we get around 1.4 million unique visitors a yr, I do believe that is more than a handful. we have over 35,000 members, the guests dwarf the members, BUT they still see things for sale, and become members, not all, but we get new members everyday. In short we get alot of looks.
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    80s/90s Yamaha Recording Custom - Still Hold Up?

    You are talking about the probably most recorded kit out there, hold up ? 100% yes I have 2 RCs one from the 90s, play that kit at my annual trek and gigs in Maine. We do swing jazz one night, Rock the next, aint nothin they cant handle.
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    Video Shows Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee Playing to a Tape on Stadium Tour

    That version was way too slow for me, kind of dragged.
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    OT R.I.P. Tony Dow

    Yes it is correct sad to say RIP "Wally"
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    SOLD ! British Drum Company Legend Club Set

    Nice drums, I have their Impe kit and its killer.
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    R.F.M Club Kit - maple! 15”,13”,10” SOLD!

    Great drums !
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    Paul Sorvino passes on

    Great, great actor, RIP
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    Bruce Springsteen Fans Furious at Ticket Prices Going as High as $4-5K

    Wow, 4k for a ticket, doesnt work for me, plus I am not a fan, dont have any of his lps or cds. I mean if someone wants to pay it, have at it. I am seeing the Joe Perry Project at the one and only Casino Ballroom all of $69.00/ticket. In my opinion, Twice the star, ten times the...
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    I'm done with eBay

    I buy on Ebay quite frequently, but rarely sell, stopped selling cars on there about 7+. yrs ago, fees too high, NOW they dig even deeper, when a car is sold usually a 500 deposit is taken, they now take 2.8% of that on top of the listing, buy it now fee, just way too much..and the big problem...
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    back into vinyl records

    in say 1997 you said to me that vinyl would be back in vogue 20+ yrs into the future and they will cost about double to triple, I would have said no way and bet the farm on it...I would be broke. Glad to see it though, I have about 3-4000 lps...thats the good news, the bad news is I left about...