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    Roto Toms Remo V cheapo

    I discovered these mounts last year, too. I had been searching for a way to mount some rototoms to a rack for a while, and came across them on Reverb. I'm so glad someone finally came up with an alternative to the carriage bolts. They work great and are very solid. It makes mounting them so much...
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    New Vistalites! - Ludwig Vistalite 50th Anniversary

    Yeah, I wondered if that might be the reason. It makes sense, I guess, and it's probably something most people wouldn't even notice.
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    New Vistalites! - Ludwig Vistalite 50th Anniversary

    I wonder why that is. I think I like the thinner stripes better.
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    New Vistalites! - Ludwig Vistalite 50th Anniversary

    Does anyone else think the stripes on the red and yellow kit look a little wider?
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    Ludwig Black Cortex 8" x 14" Classic Maple Snare

    Still available.
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    Ludwig Black Cortex 8" x 14" Classic Maple Snare

    I special ordered this from Ludwig around 9 - 10 years ago (I can't remember exactly, but I think it was 2011). I only ever used a few times for studio and home recording, so it's still in excellent condition. No issues whatsoever. Still has the factory Ludwig snare side head on it. $450/shipped...
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    11 Groundbreaking Drummers Who Raised the Bar for Hybrid/Electronic Drumming

    Yeah, didn't he help build/design the electronic kit he was playing in Missing Persons? I still have an old Modern Drummer magazine from '84 (I think?) where he talks about it. I might have to try to dig that up this weekend.
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    Gretsch & Ludwig custom order experiences?

    I ordered a custom classic maple Ludwig kit 2 years ago and was very happy with it. There was a delay with it, but it wasn't Ludwig's fault. I had to supply them with mirror chrome wrap since they didn't offer it anymore, but there was a problem with the wrap, so that held it up for a little...
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    Video of the Ludwig Booth at NAMM

    I was going to mention that, too, although it looks like the 12" and 13" toms are mounted with the ISO mounts on the bottom as well. I wonder why they didn't just use the Atlas mounts on all the toms. Also, the Gauger mount on the 6" tom may be because Ludwig doesn't make a 6" Vibraband. That...
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    Need help configuring a DW rack

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here, and I was hoping I could get some help and/or recommendations on building a basic drum rack using (mostly) DW components. I have ZERO experience using or building a rack, and it's a little overwhelming. It's for a double bass kit with 2 rack toms, so I'm...