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    $575 OBO- 1970s Slingerland Black Diamond Pearl 3 ply Drum Kit 12, 13, 16, 22

    1970s Slingerland Black Diamond Pearl 3 ply drum kit. Sizes are 12, 13, 16, 22. Finish is in very nice condition. No extra holes. Both rack toms are missing bottom hoops and tension rods as well as their mufflers. Bass drum is missing one spur and one hoop inlay. Floor tom is complete...
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    60s/70s Ludwig Kick Drum Parts Needed

    I have a friend who is restoring a 22" kick drum and looking for the following: - Psychedelic red bass drum hoop inlay - A couple of lug mounting hex screws - Curved spurs (earlier version) - Ten (10) 60s/70s chrome bass drum T-Rods - Twelve (12) 60s/70s chrome bass drum claws If you...
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    Is this a Solid Shell Slingerland snare?

    Solid shell or 3 ply? At first I thought that it was definitely single ply, but now I am second guessing myself because the interior seam on this drum looks different than the seams on my other single ply Slingerland snare drums. Please share your opinion if you have one.
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    Help! Can you identify this Lug?

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    Ludwig Triumphal on Reverb ?

    Yes, they also have an engraved BB as well as a Super Ludwig NOB 2 piece, a 2 piece Super Sensitive and a non-engraved black nickel (deluxe universal?), very similar to the one Mike recently posted. Also a beat up 70s Black Beauty. Also a few wood drums... A Leedy and Ludwig 15" Broadway...
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    Ludwig Triumphal on Reverb ?

    Some photos... The guy behind the counter was definitely watching me take photos. It is certainly intriguing, but I believe it is just bare brass. The hoops and lugs would normally be engraved on a Triumphal, correct?
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    Ludwig Triumphal on Reverb ?

    So weird... I was literally in Japan the other day looking at this drum in person.
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    Vintage Slingerland Radio King 9" x 13" WMP Tom Shell $40 OBO

    9" x 13" WMP Radio King shell for project. Has some extra holes around where the diamond mount would be. Please see photos for condition details and contact me with any questions. More photos here: $40 OBO + shipping
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    MAJOR PRICE DROP-Vintage Ralph Pace Practice Pad Set

    Vintage Ralph Pace practice pad set. The kit is pretty beat up and could use some refurbishment but a cool piece of history nonetheless. Some of the arms are difficult to tighten down fully. This would be a great project. Please check out the photos for condition details and contact me with...
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    **SOLD**DW Collectors Series 6 x 14 Snare Drum Orange Satin Flame

    DW 6" x 14" snare drum in Yellow or Orange Satin Flame finish. This is a project drum as it is missing 3 lugs as well as most of the tension rods (7 are present). There are also two fairly small dents in the top bearing edge but it is a beautiful looking snare overall. This could be brought...
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    Butt Plate/Extension Bracket ID

    Ohhh, good call Mike! I had that same thought and then second guessed myself. Thank you! The throw off on this drum was replaced with a P85 so I assumed the original strainer was a P83. I have a Barret Deems model that has a p83 with a P32 (?) butt plate so I assumed it was the same...