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    Friday Five-fer - Genesis

    I got Genesis spoon fed. Nuff said. Btw both these: And these guys are killing it: Saw the latter some years ago with dad and according to them they were close to the original in terms of staging and such.
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    Your last impulse purchase

    Yes. In classic Cherry red. I did need a small kit for my micro city e-car so this would fit that bill hopefully.
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    Your last impulse purchase

    My bad :icon_e_biggrin: Something must have went wrong. I adjusted it.
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    Cast vs thick rolled snares

    I will. So curious. He kept a wood hooped model, but im partial to triple flanged and die cast anyway. It looks he kept it in prisitine condition, as I always try to do with my gear too.
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    Cast vs thick rolled snares

    I caved in, and am curious to see if it lives up to the buzz. I got this Ayotte Keplinger with the original triple flanged hoops. It should be here tomorrow.
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    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    For that price (less than 1400 together, both in new condition) I couldn’t pass them on. Either as investment, to stay for a long time, or both, I will have fun with these.
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    Your last impulse purchase

    As I couldn’t pass them for those prices, but they are much welcome.
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    Drumcraft Cast Bronze back home and video!

    I read the thicker the cast bronze shell the pingier. I never used them any thicker than 5mm which sounded fine by my ears.
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    ONE Snare Drum

    This one at the moment. I have a marching snare for sale too so that one isn't being used. After 30 years of playing (and at least 2/3 of that buying/selling/racking up drums and co) I don't see the need for a lot of snares, nor need it too. It's just clutter in my mind.
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    Butt kicker anyone??

    It was just not enough at that moment compared to the BC, the unit was fine as I got it straight from P&D’s European man Gerrit. Not so much as the X though, it was more than workable. I just prefered the beef (and extra input) of the BC models more. I can’t believe what 1000 watt would do :-D...
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    Butt kicker anyone??

    I got this one used for 800 bucks in NOS. My fifth in 8 years (each time an upgrade/change of model). I started with a loan model BC, then the gigster, then the BC Rack, then the custom X (with the BC transducer and rack amp as I found it lacking just like the gigster), and now this model...
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    Black Friday Scam

    Same thing here in The Netherlands for BF and Xmas.
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    Center Bass Drum Port Like Charlie Watts?

    I now play a 24 RC with the 10” centre hole, and it sounds different than playing it with no head at all. I have a small square part of isofix on the bottom. A classic sound and proper feel on the player’s side due to its larger size (something I usually miss from the old RC kicks).
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    24" Zildjian Concept Orchestral Ride

    Dream cymbal right here. I sold my K Con 24 proto (whoch sounded like a bubrid between the K Sweet and a regular K Con) and this has everything that one lacked for me. To add. That is something I found after playing the 24 for a long time now. Last week a jazz drummer who also bought my 24”...
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    Session Drummers

    Kenny's book gives an amazing insight into the work that you have to put in it and the attitude you have to have, and how the industry worked/works too.