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    Singer tells drummer to stop dragging...chaos ensues

    It's always our fault..everyone knows Honestly I click this thinking the clip was going to be of me on a gig with a super diva who sang out of pocket but didn't know how to get back on beat. The gig paid extreamly well but I opted not to play with her again.
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    Thoughts on DW drums!

    Camco's with a vison of the Great drums, i can't justify playing them...and i really don't like the lugs.
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    These brushes are kicking my butt

    I've watched a lot of the vids in the links above and has gotten a little out of each one, if not something physical it was something to consider, if that makes any sense. Anyways Its getting better, my first issue was being off balance as i feathered the bd and added the hats. But today I...
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    These brushes are kicking my butt

    So i decided that I would finally learn how to play with brushes. Well so far they have been owning me and I was ready to cry the other day. I know everything takes time, but going to brushes from sticks is so weird, but I'm determined not to just give up and throw them back in the bag like...
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    hire a naked woman to stand in front of his bass drum to distract him, while i throw apples at him.
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    My Tama SilverStar 22" for your Yamaha 18"..

    I'd like to trade a black lacquer finish 22" birch Tama Siverstar bass drum for a 18"birch Yamaha or equal quality bass drum in a lacquer finish. Mines is a virgin.
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    This baby, i caught it used off of ebay. It just arrived , i can't wait to play it.
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    Isn't there a product on the market to stop key holing? I think i saw something like a rubber gasket that you insert in the cymbal hole to prevent key holing. If anyone has any info or suggestions it would be great.
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    Help with Zildjian K's

    thanks guys, i see these on ads on ebay. i didn't
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    Help with Zildjian K's

    I'm looking to buy a couple of Zildjian K's, but need help understanding something i'm seeing in the ads. Alot of the cymbals has a description of K085,K097, K0999..etc. Can someone please explain to me what that means..sorry if this comes off as sounding really stupid.
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    Does Anyone Play a Bop Sized Kit and NOT play jazz here?

    i think they were called the nomad config. i got them in a trade years ago.
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    Does Anyone Play a Bop Sized Kit and NOT play jazz here?

    they were the first generation.
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    Does Anyone Play a Bop Sized Kit and NOT play jazz here?

    I've played R&B,Classic Rock, and Prog on a Ludwig Accent in Bop Sizes.. Mic'd up they are a beast.
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    What's Your Day Gig?

    Repair Coordinator
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    Tuning Bebp-Kit for Jazz with a DrumDial

    they are good for a starting point if you're not good at tuning, like me. You just have to fine tune them after you use the drum dail.