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    The sound of power toms

    I never think of power toms when in the jazz idiom, but ..... here's a candid of the great Billy Hart checking out one of his old kits before the Healdsburg Jazz Festival. I had just finished stripping them down and buffing them out in my garage/workshop; they had been well used in son Lorca's...
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    You can extract that broken screw with a nifty tool called an "Easy-Out". Not really so easy, but doable ..... if you have access to a drill press or a friend who has one. You'll have to disassemble the pedal shaft/cam assembly, then carefully drill the center of the broken screw with the...
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    The sound of power toms

    My first Gretsch kit ..... and my first "bop" kit - ie, with 18" bass drum - was put together over a period of time. First bought the bass drum (18x16") and two rack toms - 8x8" and 10x10" - they looked like miniature floor toms. Later I found a 15x14" floor on eBay in a matching Antique Maple...
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    Oriollo Bakar floor tom - wow!

    I now have quite a few Oriollo drums with "Encore BA" heads (by Remo?!). Skeptical at first ...... especially on first tuning/hearing ....... but I've found they respond nicely to the old technique of cranking them up way high, leaving overnight, then dropping down below and tuning up to target...
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    Show us your Aluminum Snare Drums!

    Just the two ....... both DEEP Oriollos ....... : Phantom 13x7" - Phantom 12x7" -
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    Seeking storage ideas for drums and cymbals

    Sure looks like it to me! Great idea, in any case ......... And ...... is that one of those Premier elastomer bass drum pedals I spy up on that right-hand middle shelf? A most amazing "gadget", for sure! M.
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    Seeking storage ideas for drums and cymbals

    I'm never surprised to hear that foam products do strange things chemically as they oxidize. I think the foam on the Proline rack is neoprene (rubber) rather than urethane ...... the latter can degenerate very dramatically. Temperature (and especially sunlight!) can be factors here ...
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    15" bass drum heads

    I believe that Canopus goes out of their way to state that they use tom heads on their 15" RFM bass drum. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that tom heads would work on small bass drums with wood hoops (if you are careful not to let the narrower flesh hoop slip from under the wooden...
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    Seeking storage ideas for drums and cymbals

    In my "finished" garage room, I built three tiers of shallow (~6") shelves along one wall, with a piece of 1/4" round along the outside edge of the shelf. Spaced 'em to allow 20 -24" rides on the bottom, 20" and smaller on the top; the 1/4 round prevents the cymbals from falling if they slide...
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    What was your favorite music store as a kid?

    One of the most interesting things about this thread is the history of stores that grew into larger affiliated chains ..... for better or worse! In my case, Jack's was ...... Jack's - right up to the end, at least in Boston. But Boston in those days was also the home of two other businesses...
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    What was your favorite music store as a kid?

    A real "old fart" here ...... grew up in the Boston suburbs. Never forget my first visit to Jack's, in the big city. My mom and I travelled into town by train, met my drum teacher (you know, the kind that used to come to your house - like a doctor (!)) at Jack's - the original location (Stuart...
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    Help with spring loaded WFL/ Ludwig floor tom legs

    The INDe brackets have adjustable spacing and come in two sizes which encompass everything from 1" to 3.2". Plus, their "suspension" design gives some isolation to your drum, even in a legged floor tom config. You can always save your spring clip stockers and put 'em back on if you ever sell...
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    JCR cowbells

    They were designed to be hand held. That said, I've got an idea for a minimal contact support frame that would hold one of those larger bells - just a matter of a little metal work. I had my eye on one here on the Forum a few months ago, but hesitated too long ...... LOL! But I was lucky...
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    Somebody gave me an accordion

    Seattle ....... 2017 .......
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    Walking snare???

    All kidding aside ...... I certainly experienced the "hopping snare drum and stand" phenomenon playing loud rock covers without any reinforcement on the kit ...... and I'm hardly a heavy hitter. Luddy Supra on a '70s Atlas snare stand - a pretty basic medium weight setup in the early '80s. In...