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    Thomas Dolby "Aliens Ate My Buick" Friday Fiver Fer

    At a Dennis Chambers clinic (a looong time ago) I recall him mentioning this album. I think he played on a track or two.
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    still using Facebook?

    My time drew to an end years ago. ;)
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    The Official DFO RANDOM DRUM PHOTO Thread!!!!

    It's my bourbon barrel aged "cocktail" kit!
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    Yamaha Recording Custom - 24/13/16 inch - Classic Walnut - Mint

    Just wanted to add that I have experience with the seller and if he says they are flawless you can rest assured they are. I already bought one of his kits and if I had the funds for this beauty he'd be getting a PM from me! ;) GLWS!
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    Paiste weight chart

    Out of curiosity I took a peek and looked at two examples, the 20" 602 medium ride and the 15" 602 ME hats. Both differed in weight by only about 3 grams, pretty amazing.
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    Paiste 22” 602 Modern Essentials Ride SOLD

    How would this work for classic rock?
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    TD30 seems in short supply

    I'm still in the learning stage with it but I'm really happy with it. Before you mentioned the Mimic in an earlier thread I had never even heard of it, so thanks for that. :) I've heard many good things about the TD-30 and would love to have one but after buying the Mimic I'll sit tight with...
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    Harmonics from toms

    I thought that's probably what you meant. The music I play does not call for super high tunings either. Usually for me it's usually something like this: 10 (D), 12 (A), 14 (F), 16 (C). I don't tune to exact notes but they end up close to those. Good luck!
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    Early 60's Re-Ring Ludwig volume VS modern

    I don't have any early 60's kits but would that not be due more to rerings? My Legacy kit (which is not a 60's kit) is not as loud as my classic maple kit. I always assumed that was due to the bearing edges (round over vs 45).
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    Harmonics from toms

    Do you mean the drum's fundamental note is A? Because a batter pitch of A (110 hz) seems quite low...that's more like where I keep my floor tom. But I also experimented with different ratios between top and bottom. For some reason on all my kits I always end up with the reso just a tiny bit...
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    TD30 seems in short supply

    I know, I had been looking myself for a TD30. Then I realized it's not enough of an upgrade from my TD20 (expanded). I ended up getting a Mimic pro which I'm very happy with. But if I ever came across a great deal on a TD30 I just might be tempted. ;)
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    Ringo's Cymbals- a timeline

    Indeed it is. ;)
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    Ringo's Cymbals- a timeline

    From "The Great British Recording Studios" by Howard Massey (which I just finished) - Geoff Emerick was quite fond of the Fairchild 660 limiter and ran the entire drum submix into it making the cymbals sound like they were going "backwards". Emerick states - "That's because the bass drum hit...
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    How’s this for backline?

    Dunno...what color is the rug? ;)
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    Drum mics