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    Beginner's Qs: Have a kit, now what... (Recommended YouTube channels, avoiding injury)

    Welcome to Drum Forum Dot Org, and welcome to drumming. A teacher can help you learn to do things the right way. But no matter what, don't forget to have fun, that's what it is all about. And lastly, this is a good place to digitally hang. Good luck!
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    Quality of Recent Mapex Drums

    I remember the first time that I played on a Mapex kit, it must have been twenty years ago. A bassist that I'd worked with a couple of times called me. Jerry was recording a couple songs with a singer guitarist named Bill. "He has a home studio with a kit, but if you want to bring a kit with...
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    Slingerland 1979 Super Rocker Blackrome Drums $700

    Great kit for a great price.
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    New Classic Maples arrived! ...and wow are they pink!!

    Very cool. The color is fun! Congratulations! I did something very similar, sold off several kits and went all in on Gretsch USA Customs. I have not regretted it for a minute.
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    Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Like My Craviotto Snare?

    Hey there buddy. You and I both own some very cool drums and we've played each other's snares. Craviotto, Noble & Cooley, Dunnett, Gretsch, Radio King, Allegro, Ludwig... Our taste in snares is pretty much identical. But like you I could use lesser drums, and have. Also like you, I'm at a...
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    NSD, birthday present edition!

    Congratulations! I own a Gretsch USA Custom Bell Brass and a Ludwig Copper Phonic, although mine has Imperial lugs. As much as I love my Bell Brass, the Copper Phonic is much more versatile. (Either would have been a great addition.) Cudos to your wife!
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    O.T. It's COLD and snowy!

    It hit a high of 64 degrees Fahrenheit just south of Pittsburgh where I live today, I did some work outside without a jacket and it felt great. Of course it is supposed to drop to 30 by seven AM tomorrow, and only reach 39. And down to 23 on Thursday... Three days, three different seasons. :D...
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    Does anyone have duplicate kits?

    Currently all four of my kits are unique configurations. It could be argued that my 2019/2020 Gretsch USA Custom shell bank allows me to duplicate the setups of my other three kits. The shells are different than my 1960s Slingerlands, 1970s Slingerlands and 2008 DW Collector's Series kits, so...
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    Drum hacks

    "Zipper Pull Repair I'm sure we've all had zipper pulls snap on us, at some point. My Roadrunner wheeled hardware bag has been amazingly durable, aside from the zipper pulls, of which every single one eventually snapped. I used to use paper clips as a quick fix, but now I use split key rings...
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    Show Me How You Keep Your Drums From Rolling

    In cases, on racks, ready to go...
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    Sometimes a band heads in a direction you didn't expect, but it just makes sense...

    Last year I stepped into a new band. They had just gotten a new lead singer, at the same time that their long time drummer passed away from cancer. The band covered Foreigner, Pat Benatar, Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, The Outfield Fleetwood Mac... Shortly after I joined the new singer was having...
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    if aliens had to come here and farm every snare drum on the planet but you were allowed to keep one....which would it be?

    Hi fivestarkid, I happily answer this question each time it's asked, no worries. My opinion changes from time to time, but for a while it would be this... 2012 Gretsch USA Custom Stanton Moore Signature Model.
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    When Church drummer doesn’t listen

    A good friend of mine in Alabama recently ended a church drumming gig after twenty-five years. Leaving was bittersweet, but he was no longer enjoying it. Twenty-five years of a single gig is something to be proud of.
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    Gretsch Broadcaster vs. USA 22" Bass Drum

    I think that you'll be fine with the Broadcaster, but I went with USA Custom on my whole shell bank, including 18" through 24" bass drums. (I also have an 18" floor tom and additional matching snares, not shown.) It is an addiction. :D
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    Ear protection- what do you use?

    I've been using the Vic Firth plugs for a long time.