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    50’s Zildjian 18” crash ride for Ludwig aluminum standard snare

    I actually weighed it again and it’s just under 1500. Bad memory!
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    OT: Your Favorite Coen Brothers Film

    This reads like a line from True Grit (my favorite)
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I bet that 22" 30th is great to play. Those cymbals just have great feel. 21" is a great size for a Mel Lewis too. There's a guy selling a nice dry sig on here by the way, you've probably seen it- kind of wish I had before I bought mine brand new!
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Yup, both 20". The Mel came with the rivet- haven't decided whether I'll keep it or not. I also got recently a nice 30th 18" crash and a thin 22" small stamp A. I figure with those cymbals I'll be set for a little while.
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    Nine 22" Cymbals

    Prepared to be wildly off here... 1 H 2 D 3 G 4 I 5 E 6 B 7 A 8 C 9 F
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    What’s your best score?

    60's Ludwig New Yorker, Small Stamp A 8" splash and 15" hats, for $150 at a yard sale. Monroe Black Beauty (5") for $200, and a great condition 60's Supraphonic for $200 off Craigslist. Most recently a Small Stamp A 22" 2260g for $150 off Craigslist (haven't had a chance to get that one yet...
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    Black Beauty snare drums

    I had a 5" deep BB for a while and played a hammered one at an open jam once. I thought both snares were awesome, with a crack and sensitivity that made them feel really good to play, and a really nice ring that was easy to dial in with a little muffling. I traded mine, but it was a great drum...
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    Post your drumming thread...

    20". Always looks pretty small but it sounds decent!
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    Post your drumming thread...

    Hauled my drums out earlier today and took this quick recording. You can tell it wasn't a metronome playing through those headphones!
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    Preferred hardware for mounting a ride on the bass drum

    Very cool! So the lug mount is out already, and the cymbal arm that fits into it will be released shortly? But it looks like some cymbal arms fit it already.
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    Using a crash as a ride

    I have a 50's A crash ride (I think around 1800g) that sounded absolutely great with a 20" K Con MTL ride.
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    Preferred hardware for mounting a ride on the bass drum

    Hey folks, I know this has been covered before but I'm hoping for some up to date information. I'd like to mount a ride cymbal on my bass drums (I have Sonor and Ludwig) without having to drill any new holes. The Atlas system looks like the way to go, but wondering if anyone has had success with...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    The signature, from Timpano Percussion in Montreal, is my first brand new cymbal since buying B8’s back in the day, and the beauty of a Mel Lewis is courtesy of @nchia. I’ve been watching Carter McClean’s playing for a year now to get me through graduate school, and finally decided to get a pair...
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    Help me decide - Pearl Masters Maple Complete vs Ludwig Classic Maple Fab 22

    I feel like 13-14-16 would be nicer to play than 10-12-16. Less of a jump.
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    Video on INDe drums

    Cool video. Helps to put a face to a company I've heard good things about and learn a little bit about how they do things. Appreciated the post.