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    A great problem to have.

    We got some killer drum sounds today!
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    Trey Gray on CMT Crossroads

    That is an INDe snare.
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    A great problem to have.

    The Oriollo kit is mic’d Up and ready to go. We set up last night and I had the Oriollo out of the cases first and they sounded so good that we just mic’d them up. Snare at the moment is a late ‘80’s black beauty. If we have time today we may try other combinations.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Allan Holdsworth with Chad Wackerman. Chad is killing it. Sound quality is fantastic.
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    Picked up a Gretsch Round Badge kit

    Nice, love the color. Congrats!
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    OT: Sick bass player (not in a good way...)

    Sorry for your loss.
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    Treasure is still out there..

    That snare is awesome! Best of luck with the search for the FT.
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    A great problem to have.

    The Rogers is a really nice sounding kit. Bass drum is killer. Could also add a 16 FT if I want to go 1 up 2 down.
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    A great problem to have.

    I'm bringing a bunch of snares. Oriollo Mangana, INDe Maple and Aluminum, J-M, Black Beauty, Camco, Rogers Wood Powertone, Gretsch Oak Stave, Geo Way Copper. My guitarist has a Pork Pie that he's partial to.
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    A great problem to have.

    I've done some recording with them in my own drum room, which is not big. They do sound great under the mics (Senn 421's in my case). We'll probably use U87's on the toms this weekend. The room the drums will be in is not huge, but is a pretty good size.
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    A great problem to have.

    I swap them around. The newest were the INDe and the Oriollo. Before those were the Camcos. Next up in the rotation are the Rogers.
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    A great problem to have.

    The Camco’s are pretty great. Fortunately all have newer heads and are ready to go.
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    A great problem to have.

    Doing some recording this weekend of original material at the guitarist's home studio. We've recorded there in the past and we have a great collection of mics and pre's, so I know it is going to sound great. Last time I used a Rogers 22-13-16 (now in the capable hands of Johnny D!). My...
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    which compact kit with 20" bass drum?

    This looks awesome., though I know you said you weren't looking at INDe.
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    Gig Schizophrenia

    That original post was a good laugh. Well done, Jazzerone.