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    Large diaphragm condenser....

    I have used a single LDC overhead and was happy with the results.
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    Rogers COB Powertone Snare

    Welcome Jeff!
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Last night’s gig. INDe 24-13-16 in forest green with INDe 6.5x14 aluminum snare.
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    Bernard Purdie

    Nice, I grew up next to Madison, but that was before they had an Asian Fusion restaurant!
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    SOLD Thanks All 1967 Rogers Buddy Rich Celebrity

    while I love my 20-12-14 Rogers kit, my 22-13-16 is also a killer! Anyone who picks this up won't be disappointed. Just ask DanRH!
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    “Midnight Special “

    Here's the audio Here's the audio of LTIA part II from the Midnight Special.
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    Have you ever seen the Talking Heads perform?

    I saw Tom Tom Club a few years back. Great rhythm section!
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    Fresh from Duluth-Now with Video!

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    Living Loving Maid (and Songs That are Too Short)

    I always thought this could be longer.
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    Rogers maple Powertone snare, early Cleveland, red sparkle - SOLD

    Red might very well be the loudest of the sparkles!
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    Early Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale on the RokTempo - Tempometer for Drummers

    Great option to include the drumclip. I've been using one of these instead of LiveBPM and I'm digging it. Easy to use, adjustable sensitivity. Works great.
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    Pretty sure she can play with a band.

    I also question how live it is. I think it is just a performance video accompanying a studio recording with some crowd noise added it. I hear backing vocals at various points but don't see anyone singing them.
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    TRADED: Duluth Brass Manufacturing 6.5x14 Treebronze w/TAMA Hardware

    Such a great looking drum.
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    DW Takes Over Slingerland Brand From Gibson

    It will be interesting to see how much of the Slingerland dna survives and how much of the DW dna is injected. It will be great to have good Slingerlands back on the market though. Rogers vs Slingerland wars coming up?