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    Tama Rack Tube Die-Cast Cymbal/Tom Mount Holder (Several Available)

    Yes… the pipes are a standard diameter. The only difference between Tama rack tubes and Gibraltar rack tubes is that Tama rack tubes are made of stainless steel, while Gibraltar rack tubes are made of chrome-plated steel.
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    Dunnett Tube Lugs for your Snare Project 87mm C-to-C Set of 8 Excellent Condition

    Dunnett tube lugs still available... read Post #1.
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    Mint Condition CCW Drums USA 6.5x14 Cherry Stave Snare Drum with Quality Hardware

    Is anyone interested in this drum with 2.3mm flange hoops, with a small price decrease?
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    Fixed some details in the listing.
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    Black Beauty is sold.