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    Neil Peart and the Ludwig era...

    Wow! I thought it was just me. His Ludwig kit from Hold Your Fire has been my favorite live sound & Moving Pictures is my favorite of his recorded output. I saw them line in 92 Roll the Bones tour which was the first time I had seen him with the single kick kit. I kinda stopped following...
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    Buddy plays a matched grip solo

    Awww [email protected]$! Lol.
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    X-Hat recommendations (Sabian)

    Sabian EQ Hats are cool for that.
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    Player drum love

    Some of my favorite kits are players. My ssb Gretsch kit from the early 70s. My Yamaha RC. My Gretsch rb. They sound & play unreal but I don't sweat taking them out in public.
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    Help date this Gretsch Renown kit.

    That's a cool finish. I wonder if it's original. The cymbal holder bracket was most likely added by a previous owner.
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    Is the ride cymbal dying in modern rock music?

    Sounds like we definitely need to bring the ride back then. In my playing it's never gone anywhere.
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    Pdp CX Maple vs Concept Maple

    I had both & the cx is better.
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    Recommend me a Zildjian China

    I have a 14" K Mini China that's awesome. It's light & beautiful. It cuts more like a razor instead of a chainsaw. You can play it in quiet spots.
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    O.T. Customized Die Cast Cars (i.e. Hot Wheels, Matchbox, etc.)

    Is that Mario Lemieux in the photo in the background?
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    Premier Marching Snare Question

    Those sound like paper tearing when you buzz roll them. I met some Scottish Highland drummers who played them & they sounded unreal.
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    Premier 2000 snare - what a sound!

    These in my experience are not unlike Supra's in that all are not equal to each other. I have had multiple 2000's/Supra's and they didn't all sound or feel the same. My buddy in high school had one of these and it sounded & played like you described. It put my Supra to shame in every way. The...
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    My drum room tour

    You should do a home tour. You have some really cool gear.
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    Thank you everyone...
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    Ronald Bruner Jr.

    His soloing, while jaw dropping, to me just sounds like flies buzzing around. I can't play that way so I am impressed as a technical drummer but as a solo with memorable phrasing & "moments", i'd rather listen to someone say something. Max. Tony. Billy. Weckl. They all tell a story when in the...