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    UV1s G1s

    Loved the UV1's for years. I loved them top and bottom but they sound awesome as mentioned previously. I love coated ambassador top and bottom as well. Can't go wrong with either one.
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    zzzzzz... seriously sleeper snares... zzzzzz

    Tama late 90s early 2000 era Artwood. Pearl Sensitone from the same period especially the 5.5x13 model in brass. Mapex MPX is very good as well as l have been impressed by the 8x14 l have after modding it with diecast hoops and wide snares. The lugs and hoops on the MPX are black since mine has...
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    Tony Williams Miles-era Cymbal

    Pro Mark made a hickory stick that was just like the Gadd sig called the SG 737. It was my favorite back then along with the oak 808 that BC played. They were both short with barrel tip and oval tips respectively.
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    Bass Drum Muffling: Quick, On-Off Solutions for the Wide-Open Bass Drum

    A simple washcloth or cheap Terry cloth rag folded once. Wrap that with strips of duct tape. Use a few strips to apply to the center of the head and tape to the space below the beater. I did that internally way before all the products were available. Sounds like emad on the cheap. Weather...
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    A New Big Band - More Hendrix Re-Imagined!!

    DC...this is outstanding. My hats off to you for taking Jimi into Gil Evans type territory. Jimi's music was definitely a cool palette for swing. I wanted to do something like this with Angel. Those chords would lend themselves nicely to similar treatment. Hats off to you and the players...
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    Am i the only one who has never had any luck with Paiste?

    I started playing in 82' on my brother's mij stencil kit. It had 14" 70's Avedis new beat hats and an 18" crash ride same vintage. The other cymbals on that kit were junk. My ears learned all of my first records on those cymbals. It was a standard sounding set of hats but the crash ride was...
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    Stan Lynch Isolated Drum Track For "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around"

    That's probably his headphones bleeding into the overhead mics.
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    Stan Lynch Isolated Drum Track For "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around"

    I love how you hear him naturally change the dynamics for her vocals. He and Benmont were sympatico. Petty was great but like Miles should be remembered for assembling a stellar ensemble. All those guys wrote and contributed. SL has hits and Grammys of his own. So does Campbell.
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    Sabian AAX Stage hats vs AAX Medium Hats

    Btw. I have the 14" Stage Hats and they sound like a perfect match for my 14/16/17/18 AAX Dark crashes and 18" HH Ed Thigpen Crystal flat ride/20" AAX Dry ride along with my 16" K custom Dark/16" HH thin crash 80s era. That particular cymbal setup can be played with jazz or rock and works...
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    OT: James Webb Space Telescope image

    The infrared image from the JWST struck me as Capri Pearl wrap.
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    One drum set ……

    I've always wanted to set up all the gear l own and then pick the one l keep going back to. I am going to downsize soon so I eventually want to go to one kit. If I had to choose by tone it would be an old Jasper shell Gretsch. I like a big kit because of the colors and tuning, multiple snares...
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    gretsch 20/12/14 for hard rock??

    I recorded punk with that kit as well as many other heavier things. The floor tom mic'd as well as the kick can all be tuned low for those sizes and get a nice tone. If you're not mic'd up and are beating the snot outta them to be heard, then the tone will suffer along with your heads.
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    How do I fix my inaccurate perception of reality?

    I tell my students and friends that the best way to listen is as a musician. Meaning that l learn the guitar/piano/bass/vocal melody all before l ever concentrate on learning the drums or creating a part. I do this for covers as well. Learn the main riff/horn line/vocal chorus and really get...
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    Who Played the Biggest Drumset with a Touring Band?

    The old Rush Exit Stage Left kit was the one l just wanted to sit behind one night. If you ever get a chance to play a hero's kit, try it. I tried to play a bonzo kit in a guitar center once and I was too short. Bonham was over 6' tall. Peart over 6' with long arms. AVH over 6'. Physically l am...
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    New single - Fire It Up

    Nice pocket. Did you have moongel or muffling or was the snare tuned medium and open. Sounds compressed but l really like the overall. You didn't overplay for the song. Sounds great and the song moves along nicely with the stops. Well done. Keep it up.