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    Who Is the Best Drummer You've Seen This Year?

    Gavin Harrison with Porcupine Tree, this past Wednesday night in Boston. This could change though, I’m going to Meshuggah tonight in Worcester.
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    Bird's Eye views

    Might be my last GAS(p) but, got a few scores in the last 6 months. Have never owned or even played Paiste, now I realize what I’ve missed. These Hybrid Maples are a different level of drum, really nice!
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    In the past year I got into Paiste. I started out with a set of 2002’s, 22, 20, 18, 14 hh. For me, the 2002 ride was the weak link, the bell is killer but, the body sounded weak in that the definition is not prominent enough for me, great for low volume gigs though. I then got 17 and 19 Sig Full...
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    Yamaha 9500d double bass drum pedals question

    I was interested in the same pedal until it was pointed out there are no spurs on the primary.
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    Grosgrain Ribbon on your Snares. Let's discuss...

    I’ve been a fan of the Canopus strips for years which is essentially the same as grosgrain. Personally, I don’t notice any difference in sound, especially in live playing. I think we tend to overthink potential sound issues. Live playing in a band setting negates 90% of what we think could be...
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    OT- Moving

    I get your apprehension, I’d be right there with ya. That being said, cases or bags for each drum with each drum being put in a trash bag first would probably be fine to move. I don’t think I’d leave them packed like that for long unless you put a silica packet in each before closing. Packed and...
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    Remarkable what a drum stick (tip, especially) does for a cymbal!

    Tip profile and stick density are huge contributors, let alone nylon tips. As a side note, different bass drum beaters will have the same effect on your bass drum.
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    Drum Accessories-The Good, The Bad, The Worthless

    Over the years I still use; Pearl R-40 floor tom suspension feet. Worth every penny and still reasonably priced. A must have to this day. Rock n Roller cart. Not used on every gig but happy to have when I needed it. Remo quick release clutch. Has never failed and is just a no nonsense design...
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    Bandmate Died Last Night

    My condolences to you and his family. RIP
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    New Inde Studio Mod Series

    While I’m tapped out buying drums, I do have a set of INDe’s which are great, that new logo needs to be available on its own. Josh?
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    Aquarian vintage medium question

    I find the coating on the MV to be a bit heavy but not deadening. They were designed to mimic calf skin if that makes a difference. With Classic Clears on the reso they are a great combination and I find there is plenty of resonance. Personally I find all the Aquarian heads to have a warmer tone...
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    (Good) news about Regal Tip!!(?)

    When I lived down there I bought a lot at Tommy’s, great shop and and people who worked there. I remember hearing that he even had new presses for shells being made to produce the next era of Fibes. Seems like a lot of wasted money at this point but who knows what really happened.
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    Ludwig finish name

    Recently I bought a 1987 Super Classic with a black wrap as well. I almost passed on it as I thought it was a rewrap but, the shells were definitely SC and the hardware was really clean and taken care of. Turns out Ludwig did a Black Onyx wrap that was not Cortex in the 1988 catalog, so this...
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    Ludwig wraps

    To be honest, I didn’t look at the older catalogs, thank you for that. I think at this point I scored with these drums, I was going to pass but there was just something about them. Once we get through the holidays I’ll get some new heads and possibly a RIMS for the mounted 14”. This particular...
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    Ludwig wraps

    I agree, the Cortex almost had a haze finish, mine are very glossy. Initially I thought they were a lacquer but they are definitely wrapped. And definitely the Super Classic shells which is a huge bonus. Overall I think I scored big with this kit. Thanks for the reply.