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    Tool for removing lugs quickly?

    There’s really nothing difficult about taking a drum apart and reassembling, just use the right sized tool for the job. For reassembly, personally, I’d stay away from any power tools. Those parts tend to be a bit fragile due to the quality of metal. Hand tools only and just snug, don’t over...
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    The Official DFO Random Drum Photo Thread!

    Not gigging at all these days, subsequently playing less at home too. At this point, if I’m going to suck, at least the drums look good.
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    how to remove an embedded roll pin?

    A proper sized punch will get it out. Drilling is tough because they are hardened. Being rolled, the bits will twist and likely break.
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    I was possessed today ( Ludwig content)

    Yes, kind of. They elongated the top hole to accommodate Classic brackets, I had no issue.
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    I was possessed today ( Ludwig content)

    I bought the same configuration a few months back. Those Triad brackets and legs add a lot of weight to those floor toms. I got some of the Classic brackets and ordered short legs from Lawton Drum Co, the only source for short legs that I know of, big improvement!
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    That was excellent, wicked tight!
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    OT..New England and other states getting hit with Nor Easter how is it where you are

    Kingston, NH; 8” of heavy wet, 3:45 and still snowing hard.
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    Jerry Shirley talking drumming for Syd

    Interesting that Waters was apparently the first to bail on the process yet professes to this day his loyalty to Syd. Also interesting memories on what is fast becoming to be a forgotten time.
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    OT: Everything Is Going Up.....

    While everything seems to be going up, sticks are making a big jump, 50% increase to +- $15 a pair. Yesterday I bought a brick on Reverb for $109.99 with free shipping. A lot of the bricks are close to $150+ at this point. I jumped at that “deal” as it should take me a couple years out with what...
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    Who loves Aquarian Drum Heads?

    Been using Aquarian on all drums for 6+ years now. I settled on coated Force I and black Force II on bass, Super 2 coated toms with Classic Clear resos and various on my snares. All great heads with no wear issues on any of the coated heads. That said, over Christmas I picked up a set of Ludwig...
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    Why would someone choose not to wear hearing protection?

    I would think so because of the subtleties I look for when doing so. My ears ring pretty good at this point, I’m 63, was a mortarman in the Marines, a truck driver for 37 years and a drummer since I was 15, I’ve abused my hearing in other words. Your comment was dead on in my opinion. At this...
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    I don't seem to be running out of GAS

    In the past couple years my GAS was bordering on a problem. Never a burden financially as I buy and sell and don’t use money from day to day living. Having purchased a Ludwig CM on Black Friday and seeing a couple sets for sale locally I was interested in dropped steeply in price now, I know I’m...
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    Drum tuning for newbies

    That’s exactly where I went. I’ve used my fist for pressure, it works but, it certainly isn’t precise where the constant even pressure of the kettle ball would be. Would a heavier kettle bring the tuning up? Say, a 5 lb versus a 10 lb?
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    Neil Peart China Type Cymbals

    I wonder if his higher tuning was accentuated by the fact he was using single ply heads on the DW’s?
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    What have you got on order now ?

    Ludwig Classic Maple Fab set, 3 piece, in Golden Slumbers lacquer. Bought last weekend, waiting for the shipping…