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    paiste 2002 cymbals throughout the years

    Cymbal, I don't know if you have these but if not, Black Label - HiHats - rock - top 1151g- Bottom 1240g Red Label - 17" crash - 1260g Wayne
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    Sold-Ludwig Maple Cortex 13” & 15” toms.

    Those look like a wrap to me, but definitely could be wrong. Nice drums and price. Wayne
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    Ludwig Classic Maple, Best Drums Ever Made?

    Those aged exotics are amazing, especially that last one. Wow Wayne
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    Ludwig Classic Maple, Best Drums Ever Made?

    That is one hell of a kit. Nice Wayne
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    Leedy Jade Green Time

    I do not have any to post. I like the one on the Left. So feel free to send the right one to Rich and I will take the one on the left. ;) Real nice group there. Wayne
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    Ludwig vintage snare with 2 date stamps RESTORATION DONE!

    That shell should clean up nice, I hope for you. I have a Clubdate kit that has 2 drums with red and 2 with black same July 7 1965 dates on all. My Shells look like Mahogany inner and Maple outer plys. Yours might be the other way around. Just to add to the confusion. Wayne
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    Cleaning Nickel Hardware

    Nice job on cleanup, looking good. I have used Cape Cod polishing cloths but really liked the way a Tumbler cleaned up Nickle I had with less hand rubbing. Soaked in Dawn over night then dried and threw them in tumbler. Wayne
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    G&L Guitars

    Love mine, But not a great guitar player Guitar players of greater stature have played it and love it.
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    WMP Camco Oaklawn 20 14 12 w/snare

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    Camco Tuxedo 12 14 20

    How did they sound, did they pass the test?
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    WMP Camco Oaklawn 20 14 12 w/snare

    That sure is another Beauty. Real Nice Wayne
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    Camco Tuxedo 12 14 20

    Those are definitely sweet Manny. Congrats Wayne
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    The Official Mitch Mitchell isolated drum thread

    Mitch Mitchell - the man , the myth, the legend. Thanks Wayne
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    These are classic maples... right?

    you are not talking Ludwig Black Panther snare, I take it? The kit you are showing looks like Classic 6-ply Emerald Shadow finish. My guess. Wayne
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    Ludwig 14x14 B/O badge - 6 lugs or 8?

    I have a 14X14 Super Classic with 6 lugs. It is a keystone not b/o badge. Not the norm, probably special order But lugs are not that far away from hoops. Inside shell should tell all. Wayne