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    K Custom Hybrids

    Hello Ian -- I have a set of K Custom Hybrid 13.25" hats in excellent shape except for worn logos and normal playing wear. Weights are 877 over 1195 grams. Are you interested?
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    James Baldwin and Al Harewood

    I heard this on local jazz radio and the drummer reminded me of Blakey because he was so crisp and driving. Turns out to be Al Harewood on a classic Grant Green album "Grantstand" on Blue Note.
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    My cymbals for Offers

    Is your Sabian Artisan Medium 20" ride still available? If so, do you know the weight? It looks brilliant in the pictures -- does that effect the sound vs. non-brilliant?
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    INDE BR3 tom mount vs. Ludwig Atlas

    Thanks to all who responded! This is super helpful, all across the board. DFO rocks or swings or whatever your favorite groove is!
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    INDE BR3 tom mount vs. Ludwig Atlas

    I would appreciate some advice here even though there are various threads about mounting toms. I am setting up a new kit and don't like the suspension (RIMS-type) tom mounts because they are too heavy and cumbersome. I have looked at no-drill options for mounting toms and see that people like...
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    SOLD My Kerope ride for cash or your dreams or k special dry ride

    Yes, I'm interested. I have a Zildjian 21" Special Dry Ride. It's the new series made in 2019 in excellent condition, hardly been played. 2187 grams.
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    SOLD My Kerope ride for cash or your dreams or k special dry ride

    Hello saturnresearch -- Do you know the weight of your Kerope 20? If you still have it to trade, that is... Thanks!
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    My cymbals for Offers

    Where is your wish list?
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    Moving Sale: Agop, T-Cymbals and....Spizz (maybe)

    deepsoulradio is a super nice guy with awesome gear! I just bought his T-cymbals stack and it sounds great. Buy his cymbals!
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    MINT, 2020 Noble & Cooley 5x14 Solid Walnut, natural satin oil

    I have the piccolo version of this drum and it sounds amazing! Noble & Cooley really knows how to do walnut solid shells (and other woods of course).
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    Modern Ludwig snare barcode identification?

    I just picked up a modern Ludwig snare with keystone badge made in USA and no serial number on the badge. But it has an interior label with a barcode. The number is BDE017252. Does this mean anything to help identify the drum model or year? Thanks DFO!
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    The Philly Joe Jones Ride

    Which current K Con model do those most closely resemble?
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    Istanbul Agop 06 Collector’s Ride

    Hello -- is this still for sale?
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    WTB: 19" Thin Crash