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    Thanks to all for your assistance . . . NAD
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    Any Professional Builders on Here?

    Are there any professional builders on here . . . I am talking about people who build, repair, restore, resurrect drums & percussion and it is a significant portion of their income. If there are any such people on here, where are you getting your WHOLESALE supplies? I have been a builder for...
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    Yamaha DTX502

    Is the Yamaha DTX502 a good drum module? I want to build a small kit with mesh heads and triggers . . . silent practice mostly, but some gigging . . . 1. Would this module be a good start . . . ? 2 How much should I pay for one . . . ? 3. Is there something better you could...
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    Did anyone else here use Universal Percussion? I used UP for mostly shells, heads and sticks (among numerous other things) . . . Where can I get shells?? (I used Keller shells pretty much exclusively from UP.) I have effectively been put out of business related to the custom building portion...
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    Help me identify this kit (Vintage Pre-Tama Star with Ludwig floor tom mounts??)

    Star and Hoshino are the same company . . . now known as Tama . . . jus' sayin' . . . NAD
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    Apollo Drumset

    Don't part it out . . . that's bullshit . . . it may be MIJ, but it is a complete kit. Leave it for someone that will hopefully respect it and give it some love . . . Just my opinion . . . NAD
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    Snare drum lug ID help, please.

    They built them in Western NY . . . maybe even close to you. . . . NAD Kent Drums:
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    How rare is this? 8" Ludwig Standard

    Pretty rare . . . too bad it has been imprisoned and tortured . . . could be saved. If you need it I would grab it . . . NAD
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    What are these 3 red drums in CL listing for $100?? - 18" Ludwig keystone virgin kick - original. Purchased new! UPDATED with PHOTOS.

    Agreed . . . that BD is worth 2 or 3 times what old RK marchers are worth . . . just because it is RK doesn't make it a collector's item. There's a big difference in the value of a "rare" drum and a "collector" drum. NAD
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    Another horribly engraved drum!

    So disappointed in this piece, Eric, I always thought you did better work than this . . . just send this abomination to me and I will destroy it for you at my gigs . . . NAD
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    Universal Percussion - Wholesale Dealer

    Thanks for this good information . . . their eBay site is unless. they sell at nearly full retail and have OUTRAGEOUS shipping costs . . . If it weren't for the overpriced shipping I would buy a couple shells from them . . . I always got an A mark from Universal, plus an extra 10 if it was a...
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    Alesis vs KAT

    Does anyone use (or has heard) either the "Alesis PercPad Percussion Pad" or the "KAT Percussion Electronic Drum and Percussion Pad Sound Module"? What your opinion of the pre-programed sounds . . . which unit sounds better? I cannot find an area store that has one (or will even set one up)...
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    Universal Percussion - Wholesale Dealer

    Anyone else who did wholesale business with Universal Percussion? I was a wholesale dealer with them and got all my Keller shells, heads and some parts from them. I'm screwed . . . I no longer have a wholesale outlet for shells! Their abrupt closing effectively closed down the custom drum...
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    . . . . but not a dangerous one . . .