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    What are these 3 red drums in CL listing for $100?? - 18" Ludwig keystone virgin kick - original. Purchased new! UPDATED with PHOTOS.

    Agreed . . . that BD is worth 2 or 3 times what old RK marchers are worth . . . just because it is RK doesn't make it a collector's item. There's a big difference in the value of a "rare" drum and a "collector" drum. NAD
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    Another horribly engraved drum!

    So disappointed in this piece, Eric, I always thought you did better work than this . . . just send this abomination to me and I will destroy it for you at my gigs . . . NAD
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    Universal Percussion - Wholesale Dealer

    Thanks for this good information . . . their eBay site is unless. they sell at nearly full retail and have OUTRAGEOUS shipping costs . . . If it weren't for the overpriced shipping I would buy a couple shells from them . . . I always got an A mark from Universal, plus an extra 10 if it was a...
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    Alesis vs KAT

    Does anyone use (or has heard) either the "Alesis PercPad Percussion Pad" or the "KAT Percussion Electronic Drum and Percussion Pad Sound Module"? What your opinion of the pre-programed sounds . . . which unit sounds better? I cannot find an area store that has one (or will even set one up)...
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    Universal Percussion - Wholesale Dealer

    Anyone else who did wholesale business with Universal Percussion? I was a wholesale dealer with them and got all my Keller shells, heads and some parts from them. I'm screwed . . . I no longer have a wholesale outlet for shells! Their abrupt closing effectively closed down the custom drum...
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    . . . . but not a dangerous one . . .
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    Burgundy/Merlot Sparkle...a question of aesthetics...opinions wanted.

    I guess they still make chrome wrap . . . if so, I would go with that . . . NAD
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    Hey gang! I have a chance at a good deal (I think) on some Saluda cymbals . . . I know nothing about them . . . are they any good . . . junk, beginner stuff, mid-level . . . what? Thanks . . . NAD
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    Tell me what this is “Ludwig vintage snare”

    The P83 on it is the most valuable piece there . . . it's rough, but clean it and polish it and it will bring you $75+ . . . . NAD
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    How often are SNs missing from Blue Olive Ludwig badges?

    If you can get it cheap enough, buy it and replace the part . . . NAD
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    Bad ebay seller

    If it has been misrepresented, it is the seller's responsibility to pay for shipping it back. I have been ripped off a few times on eBay and I have never had a crooked seller willing to pay to have their piece of junk sent back . . . just sayin' . . . NAD
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    Say hey, good L double O-K-I-N-G . . . well, I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E...!!!

    Say hey, good L double O-K-I-N-G . . . well, I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E...!!!
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    Vintage Ludwig 20x12 bass drum anyone?

    Unless you are looking for an extensive project you would be better off investing your money into a blank shell and building it yourself; the cost will be similar. The only thing you can really use off the eBay drum will be the hoops and perhaps the heads. The eBay drum is a single tension...
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    Gretsch Alternative to Ludwig Acrolite

    It would have to be a heck of a great student model snare to pay $300 when you can get Acrolites all day for around $100 . . . NAD
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    Rogers bass drum T rods and claws

    The BD legs should be hex as well . . . they look incorrect, but I can't see good . . . NAD PS The claws may be Ludwig and if so, are worth some spendin' cabbage . . .