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    Looking for a 24" bass 3pc Ludwig project...

    My mistake the bass drum IS 14x24 Dave
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    Looking for a 24" bass 3pc Ludwig project...

    I know you said "staying clear" but I have a mid 70's? blue vista 14x22-18x18 -16x16-9x13 with fiber cases in good condition thinking around $900.00 maybe meet 1/2 way? I'm in central VA. Dave
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    Drum Mugging

    I thought I was the only one that did this Later, Dave
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    AmbidextrousDrummer drum covers with multi-colored LIGHTED kit

    Not seeing much "AmbidextrousDrumming" ?? Later, Dave
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    Anyone ever sell a piece of gear, then miss it and decide to buy it back?

    I sold a 3 pc Luddy set to Monty I don't know seven eight years ago and when this subject came up a couple of years ago I contacted him to see if he would be interested in selling back as I had remorse as soon as I let them go. At the time he said he no but a few months later I got the call and...
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    Vic's Drum Shop

    Going to fly into Chicago in early Nov. [going to see the Bears and Packers, go GB!!] will spent a couple of days in Chicago .My wife wants to see some of the sites and my birth place so I will have to put Vic's Drum Shop on the list. Later, Dave
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    Boso sticks

    Pm sent, Thank You, Later, Dave
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    Boso sticks

    Has anyone tired them? Like em? The weight thing ? Does a 7A dark feel like a 5A hickory? A 5A natural feel like a 7A hickory with a little more dia. How about the lengths? I'm interested but not sure . I play VF 8D now so.... Thanks, Dave
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    sort jeans...

    I was just making a statement after seeing the video, I was not commenting on your post... Later, Dave
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    sort jeans...

    I don't care who knows it I AM A JOURNEY FAN and there is NO BODY who can touch Steve Perry's vocals !! Later, Dave
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    Shout out to Frankmott

    I took advantage of Doug's $149.00 any size drum and got a 14x20 WMP to go with all my cat club toms, I might re-cover it in SS, anyway, I paypaled Tue. eve. and it came this afternoon. If you guy's need anything he is THE MAN great service and speedy del. THANK YOU!! Later, Dave
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    Ever played a gig without a bassist?

    I play in a trio some guitar, keys and drums. The keyboard plays left hand bass and it works out fine.I do miss some of the key parts he has to sacrifice but all is good. Later, Dave
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    Catalina Club Classic

    I have the ss jazz cats and the 26" rock cats. I need a 20" mahog. silver sparkle bass drum. andbody have one or know where to find one? Later, Dave
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    Catalina Club Classic

    I have the cat .club Jazz and the cat club rock [26" bass] kits and I would like to add a 20" mahog. bass drum in silver sparkle. Is it possible to by separate.??? Later, Dave
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    I've waited 50 years for these!

    Yea I new that.. ah just testing you guy's. It's hell getting old Later, Dave