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    Small , Micro , Bop whatever

    DW Frequent Flyer sounds like a much larger kit. Great well made gigging drums for many different small and medium situations. I've given mine a lot of use.
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    What can I use to Protect Bass Drum Hoops

    Dr. Scholls Moleskin has worked great for me and not hard to peel off when it's time to sell....
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    Playing a 1990 Pearl MLX here...Small Sizes: 10, 12, 14, 20" and Pearl Sensitone Brass Snare. Picture from 2016.
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    Tim Bogert legendary bass player passed today

    RIP- Tim Bogert. An example here of a one of a kind Rhythm section with Carmine......... Bought this LP when it came out in 1969.
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    Hitting the left crash cymbal with traditional grip

    Check out Tommy Igoe......Some of his videos demonstrate this.
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    Have a Beer and watch Buddy !
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    New Drum Set - Drum Head Recommendations

    Thanks- I'll take a look at that.
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    New Drum Set - Drum Head Recommendations

    Loved Legend Drums when they came out. I still have 3 Legend Snare Drums- 6.5x14 Phosphur Bronze, 4x14" Phosphur Bronze and a 5.5x14 Maple. Wished I had purchased one of their kits- Hard to come by. Yours looks great !
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    Animal Drums- Burbank California

    Picked up this snare drum with some other items from a retiring player. Looking for some info on this snare and Animal Drum Co. from Burbank, Ca. Has a Tama Strainer (might have been changed out-holes from previous strainer were filled. Has what looks like old Pearl coffin style lugs. This is...
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    Good Deal for a bass drum conversion?

    Reliable seller....I have purchased from him before on a few occasions.
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    Gretsch Stop Sign 4 pc

    Congratulations on a beautiful kit!....used to shop there long time ago when I lived in NY.... I have a similar kit to yours- SSB with a 12" Ser#35989 and 14" Floor Tom#42535-20" Bass drum- No Tag. Original Rail mount. Those serial numbers would put it as late 1974 -Early '75. I've played Coated...
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    PEARL MIDTOWN... should I buy a 16" bass drum? I SWORE I WOULDN'T!!

    Purchased the Pearl Midtown 2 months ago after doing extensive research on Jungle Kits. Previously had a Ludwig Breakbeats but sold it a couple years ago. The sound and the build quality of the Pearl is much better if you examine both. In fact the build quality of the Pearl is exceptional...
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    OT: The First Song You Heard On CD ?

    First CD I purchased when it came out- ZZ Top=- Afterburner 1985