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    Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in .....

    So, who's still here from the grand ole days? Robb
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    OT: New Mexico Residents

    March is fairly blustery .... but I guess it would seem cold to someone who isn't familiar with the area. Have a pretty good idea of the area you came across on the road and it's a unique trip. I did one from Dallas (close to where I live) down to Austin and San Antonio, then over to Houston...
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    OT: New Mexico Residents

    While you're in New Mexico .... take some time and wander over to Texas ..... depending on where you come in there are all types of different things going on ....l Robb
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    "Sh*t or get off the pot!!!"

    I think most of us at a point in our lives make the decision that it's not worth all the work ... it's not fun anymore. I have a very good friend who I "competed" from junior high through high school as far as drum set was concerned. He was the local hero ... I was the new kid. We're the same...
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    Custom snare or buy factory?

    I was just going to suggest that maybe you have a "fantasy" favorite that might just consist of certain parts on a standard shell. Say a Ludwig with a different strainer or rims...if so, then upgrade what you have (as you've decided to do) or get another shell from the same maker and rebuild it...
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    How do you count off the intro to a tune?

    This may sound odd, but I rarely count off tunes .... Most of my experience is/was with big bands and/or ensembles that had directors who did the count. The small jazz groups I worked with usually had a "star" player or leader who was featured .. say a pianist who did all that. Jam sessions I...
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    OT: Crop Circles

    Are you saying that drummers might not see them because we're drummers?? :rolleyes: Robb
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    Best Isolation Headphones?

    I just had a very bad mental image of Tommy on TV looking like Princess Leia ..... I'm jus sayin' Robb
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    If you can't beat em...join em.

    I learned early on that when my boys wanted to learn something that I was interested in that the best method of teaching them was ...... let someone else do it . It's a quirky thing for me. I expected them to learn what I knew as fast as I could pick it up now ... not realizing that I needed...
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    What happened to the Rogers question post from a few days ago?

    HI Paul !!! Good to see you!! robb
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    SM 57's in the kick drum?

    First off ... Hey Steve!! Good to see/hear from you !!! Been awhile ..... I too have used the 57 on a bass and with a little tweaking got some good sounds out of it ... mostly though it's been with PAs that didn't have speakers that could handle the lower frequencies anyway. Down in Austin...
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    thrift store finds

    Best pawn shop deal I scored was when my late younger son was just beginning band and wanted to play trumpet .... so I wandered down to pawn shop in a section of the county where (well let's just say, there's not a lot of intelligence floating around ...) on the hunch that maybe I'd find a deal...
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    OT: Drums, Music, and Drugs

    I have a co-worker who ( is a keyboard player btw, not that that is relevant really) who had a few complaints lodged that customers could smell alcohol on his breath .... We work at a grocery store and are always within just a few feet of our customers. One day he was beside me helping to...
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    OT: Drums, Music, and Drugs

    Interesting direction this thread is taking .... Back in the 80's the big band I was playing with was doing pretty well in the Dallas market and the bass player and piano lived further east from me and they would come in to town and we'd meet and then drive on to the gigs in Dallas in my big...
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    OFF TOPIC: Weather

    HOUR? Heck, I'm a Native Texan ... it's more like wait 10 minutes .... a good example was that line of heavy intense showers that blew through a few days before Christmas .... I'm just 45 minutes east of Dallas and I was out walking the dogs when I felt a big of mist, then literally heard the...