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    Alto speakers

    The TS115a's are 800 watts (the Class D amp type - meaning not the same as the 300 watts of an Ampeg tube SVT amp). It was all bass and I could feeling it in another building. The mains are pretty good in these buildings as there used to be milling workstations in place there.
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    Alto speakers

    I have TS115a's, a pair of hip hop producers in our business complex (converted old factory building) left them behind when they moved. I could hear them mixing two buildings over when I worked late and I'm not surprised they blew the 15 inch drivers. I replaced them with Eminence Kappa C's and...
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    Building a Edrum Kit

    Hi Toby, I recently tackled the same project. Someone gave me a Ludwig Combo Accent 5 piece kit. I bought Billy Blast 3 ply mesh heads, UFOdrums ebridges and rim condoms, a 32 input MegaDrum built and shipped by Dmitri, a PCY155 for ride (edge, center and bell), a PCY135 for hi-hat (mounted a...