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    I got me a big ol' pre-war brass Ludwig snare, today.

    I got a 6 lug shell similar to yours at the CT drum show maybe 15 years ago. With a modern throw on it and wires (I did not have the original) its a total keeper and a 6 lugger. I use it exclusively with this 80s sounding band I play in. Its dark and very sensitive...a total keeper...see if...
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    Anyone playing Ddrum?

    I was originally thinking acoustic drums...but they were a big player in e drums too (what happened there?)... I now own an RX Pedal (I like it) and a cymbal bag (I suspect made for them)...both are pretty decent. Saw a snare for sale recently...was curious what folks thought.
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    so XPK? (another Premier what are these thread)

    The Kent's were a beautiful blue...and the hardware looked very clean...but they wanted way too much for them... this MGR is owned by a drummer...not a lot of drum steals cuz he knows what he's got.
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    so XPK? (another Premier what are these thread) black interiors but never saw them with these lugs. I have an Olympic bass drum I stained that would look good with these...but I don't need another kit...and yet...if I could get them...
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    Backline Inspired Purchases?

    I've gotten to experience some cool gear as back lines (505 cymbals, Free floater snare, Mapex Orions) but never motivated to run out and buy.
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    OT: Cell phones - iphone vs. Android

    I just replaced my Andriod Motorola with another Moto....about $400. TIP? son works for a small biz that needed a hot spot for their POS system. It was expensive son did the math and converting our family plan to business and adding the hot spot lowered everyone's cost (and got...
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    China's as crashes

    I always thought it was cool that Charlie used China's for crashes (did he ever say he came to do that?)....Monday night I saw Kevin Tooly (NY drummer) playing with Richard Lloyd (Television) and he was also using china's for crashes (a zildjian and a Paiste). Was curious if anyone...
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    Halloween Costume Party Gig - Help!?

    Years ago my 7 pc ska band played a halloween party. We just bought 7 lone ranger masks (in white, can't remember why) and we might have had matching converse sneakers back then. It was cool cuz it gave the band uniformity...wasn't heard to play in. Reminds me of...
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    Mounting Arm Extensions??

    I bought one of these from another forumite...I'll look and see if I still have it as I'm not using it.
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    Tom heads: Evans EC2 vs. Aquarian Reflector

    their PF2s are the pinstripe equivalent
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    Dream interpretation

    My guess is you have a concern that at some point an acquisition you think you understand will turn out to be much less. Perhaps you're concerned about how much you're investing in gear or have other money worries (I sure do)... Of course if its a plastic shell...and it sounds good and the...
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    Brushed Aluminum Slingerland....did they?

    I have an 8 lug ribbed Aluminum from Slingerland...great drum....
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    Brushed Aluminum Slingerland....did they? I seem to remember these being pretty rare...I'm not looking to buy it but it did have me questioning if this is for real or someone's mod. what say thee?
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    Tom heads: Evans EC2 vs. Aquarian Reflector

    I love Aquarian but the vids I saw with the reflectors and Eric Moore(?)...well...I didn't like anything about those vids.
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    Hello. Old drummer (electronic and acoustic) from the UK, here

    Welcome...its interesting to see how kids absorb music when they have a parent who was very into it. good luck with the sales...