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    Zildjian 22" Crash of Doom Prototype SOLD

    Great cymbal. This weighs much less than the official release at 2343 grams (most weigh 2700-2800grams). Opens up easily and can double as a trashy light ride. Plus it doesn't have the Oriental script which I've never been thrilled about. Cool cymbal. $275 shipped.Sorry, no trades.
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    Zildjian 22" Renaissance

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    Zildjian 22" Renaissance

    Beautiful ride. 2622 grams. Excellent condition from Memphis Drum Shop. Tiny baby nick that is hard to see with naked eye. Video is the exact cymbal. $380 shipped. Sorry, no trades
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    Zildjian A Sweet Set (15 NB, 21, 23)

    This set up plays incredibly well together. You can cover everything from rock to jazz and get by with 3 cymbals. They open up easily, great bells and stick. The hats are fast and articulate. Just a classic sounding team. Only interested in selling together. The hats are close to new, 23" is...
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    SOLD! 15” A Zildjian Redesigned New Beat Hi-Hats

    Great hats. Super versatile folks.
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    Meinl 14" Sand Hats SOLD

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    Meinl 14" Sand Hats SOLD

    Great condition. Just some fingerprints. Dry, fast and articulate. $265 shipped. Sorry, no trades.
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    When did Reverb start collecting tax?

    Just same state purchases, right? Or on all sales? I purchased a drum set today and didn't pay tax.
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    Paiste Masters Mellow "Bluebird" Ride

    Sorry, just selling.
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    Paiste Masters Mellow "Bluebird" Ride

    Beautiful silky smooth ride. The stick dances on this one. Clarity and tone are fantastic. Like new. The video is the exact one for purchase. 2252 grams $320 shipped. Sorry no trades.
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    Ride cymbal size

    22" is the sweet spot for me. Tried 19" to 24". It's perfect and still feels substantial, like it's the captain of the ship.
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    Byzance Foundry Reserve - new Meinl series

    In the bird's eye view thread? Sweeeet.