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    Slingerland Bearing edges

    Awesome. Thanks for the pics. The kit I was looking at got swiped up before i could arrange funds to get it.
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    Slingerland Bearing edges

    Awesome, thanks for the help guys.
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    Slingerland Bearing edges

    I believe the ones im looking at are an early 70’s kit. I should have been more clear in my post. I’m aware of the difference in 60’s and 70’s bearing edges just wanted to see if they were similar to the Ludwig’s in those years.
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    Slingerland Bearing edges

    Are the bearing edges on a 60’s-70’s Slinglerland kit the same as the 60’s-70’s Ludwig kits? I have a 67 Ludwig and looking st getting the agar slinglerland kit. Not sure about Slingerland kits. Thanks in advance
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    ISO late 60's/ early 70's Ludwig kit

    I am in the market for a vintage Ludwig kit. I am primarily a worship drummer and a big fan of the low warm tones of the vintage ludwig's. Needing sizes to be 22/13/16. Must be in good condition. I know its a long shot, but if there is an older Ludwig kit thats in very good condition that anyone...
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    SOLD! Ludwig Acrolite Snare. Clean machine!

    Still available? 5x14?
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    stick wrap by promark

    ok great info! thanks guys!
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    stick wrap by promark

    does anyone use the drum roll stick wrap that promark makes? i just started using it and i love the way it feels. however, i cant get it to stay on the stick for the life of me. no matter how much i wrap it or how tight it always ends up sliding off the stick.. any suggestions? thanks..
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    Remo heads

    i will only play drums with remo heads on them nowadays. not trying to be one of "those Guys" but i just love the response they give and they feel good when i hit em. my batter side heads consist Coated ambassadors on the toms and a coated controlled sound black dot or emperor x black dot on the...
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    This makes my second DW set this week that I fell in love with.

    beautiful look and beautiful sound! dee dub's where it's at! i've always loved the deep, rich tone of these drums.
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    Do you play live with cheap cymbals??

    in some situations i believe it's ok to use cheaper lines of cymbals, like any small gig where lower levels are necessary and it's not a jazz gig.. but mostly i use top of the line brands because i know that they will always hold up.
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    Hearing problems/ringing in your ears

    i understand the awesome energy you get while playing without ear protection but in my opinion it's just not worth going deaf. i always have some type of ear protection in. wether it be my "in Ears" molds or just a big set of headphones. i think it is crucial to protect your hearing while playing.
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    New guy.. Dw fanatic

    hey, i'm new to the site.. looks like a pretty cool place to get info and buy and sell. look forward to it.. i love dw drums and am currently in the market for a new kit. i would love a collectors series kit but will probably go with performance series due to cost.. just wanted to say hi and...