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    Help Me Find My Next Ride

    Listen to sound files from Memphis drum shop) then write down the models you like. Take your K ride ANS your sticks to Professional Drum Shop and tell them what you're after.... Ask them to explain the terms used to describe cymbals ... ...they're a Pro Drum Shop they will...
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    Broadkaster 135th anniversary snare wire tension woes

    Before you go modifying the strainer try JDA's suggestion of ensuring the sides are evenly set up, and don't discount the loctite ( mechanics special sauce) idea either. Loctite comes in several grades now and it's color coded for different applications, there's even one that penetrates threads...
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    20" 70s A Zildjian Ride. $100 plus shipping

    Glad I wasn't alone in that! LOL
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    Sold 70s Ludwig Octaplus Butcher Block

    The first time I ever saw one of these was in the front window of Jack's Drum Shop in Boston was Natural maple finish.....
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    Drum Confessions Thread

    Thanks for the infor! I have 6.5 versions of both 402 Supra and a black beauty now and they do NOT have the overtime issue ... BB still has stock heads the 402 has an Evans Genera dry
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    Drum Confessions Thread

    Now that is interesting..... Does it dry out the sound ? Every 5" Supra and even a B stock Black Beauty I owned had crazy overtones I could never seem to tame...
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    Drum Confessions Thread

    I don't like the sound of 5x14 Ludwig Supra's
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    Modern Zildjian's KCON, PADLR

    What era is the 13" K top please?
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    Mid 1990s Premier XPK question

    If I remember correctly APK shells were black on the inside and wrapped, shells were thin and they sounded great for the price. XPK were a step up from the APK shells a touch thicker , natural interiors , stained finishes, nicer hardware, also great sounding drums
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    Yet another Guitar Center Thread

    No sir I'm in NJ - The two stores are in Cherry Hill NJ about 20 mins from me
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    Yet another Guitar Center Thread

    I have a Sam Ash AND Guitar Center in the same shopping Center near me. For a couple years they both were in horrible condition as described above. Until about 10 months ago a woman named Stephanie took over the Guitar Center drum department. She's very knowledgeable and friendly and loves to...
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    Yamaha 8000's (Tour Series)

    These 8000 series drums have some serious L O W End......
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    Retail Rules/ Policies question

    Murat, thanks for that insight sir. I had no idea. I appreciate it.
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    Retail Rules/ Policies question

    Jeremy, I hear what your saying it just strikes me as weird, I'm thinking in terms of cars, a 2019 left over isn't worth and can't be sold for the same price as the same model 2021 vehicle. I thought it would work the same way.
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    Retail Rules/ Policies question

    I'm curious how this scenario is supposed to work - I may be incorrect but I think what I've discovered at my local GC is "incorrect" at best " illegal" at worst. If you've ever managed / worked in a drum shop and know the answer please enlighten me. First I have NO beef with these folks, the...