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    A fond goodbye

    After being here for quite some time and learning a lot from you guys I am leaving you all. I am at a place where I cannot be spending money on gear. I already work at a drum shop which makes it hard but also coming here and seeing and hearing about all your beautiful gear isn't helping me with...
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    Blend in or cut through

    Ladies and Gents So as you guys know I have been looking into the Bosphorus cymbals. They tend me to be lighter weights then some of brands and I've been reading a lot that they blend nicely into a band. This has lead me to a cymbal concept that I have wondered about for a while and thought I...
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    Talk to me about the versatility of Bosphorus

    Lets try this again! I have been playing classic sounds the last while. Mainly Sabian AA's and they are a really nice clean standard sounding cymbal. I have always been drawn more to different sounds. I like to have a little of everything in my setup so I'm always good to go for most gigs. I...
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    Talk to me about the versatility of Bosphorus

    So here we are again! I finished up my set of Sabians and I get offered a chance to get bosphorus! I've always really dug Bosphorus but the price and the fact that my shop doesn't carry them always made them more of a wish then anything else. Every time I've played a Bosphorus my brain has...
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    Hey Guys I apologize if this has already been talked about, I couldn't think of a way to search for this. But basically the question is. Do you guys play covers verbatim or do your own thing? My cover band tends to play songs pretty loosey goosey. as long as the melody, groove, and changes...
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    New Beats vs. Mastersounds

    because of the waves on the bottom I personally find that the mastersounds have less body and tone, just a lot top end. I'm sure from the other side of a band the audience can't tell the difference but I could never find a pair I really loved. I only ones I liked were HHX X-Cellerators...
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    The demise of the 13, 15 and 18 toms

    My floor tom is a 15 and I love it. I think they may be coming back at least where I am. People are asking about them and I know TRS custom drums has been making a lot of 15s lately. In my opinion if youre gonna have 1 floor tom its the size to go for. Mine can be bagged out and turned into...
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    Sonor, It's an "O" not "A"

    I'm with you snaffoo! I work at a drum shop and I've owned Sonors. I just can't bring myself to change the pronunciation of it. All my customers say it wrong and it's always a pain in the butt changing their minds lol Maybe we should start teaching them otherwise? Same thing goes for Paiste...
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    My Small Keller Shell Rant

    I completely agree with that statement. I almost agree! If the drum isn't built correctly it won't have an even tuning range up the scale of notes and will choke out quickly
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    My Small Keller Shell Rant

    I just need to get this off my chest. I have read this comment on this forum and many other far too many times about custom drum companies. "They just use a keller shell. It can't be that different from all the other custom drums out there" 1) Not everyone who uses a keller shell make their...
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    What to do about my rides

    I just realized I put this in the wrong section. Sorry Gents.
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    What to do about my rides

    So I've ended up in a fairly interesting place. I've always loved my 20" AA El Sabor ride and have played one on and off for years. I recently picked up the 21" Memphis Ride and I'm crazy about it. It's become the ride I use on pretty well every gig. And I find it fits better with most stuff...
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    Favorite Ride Cymbal?

    My 2 favourites are the ones I currently own. Sabian AA 20" El Sabor Sabian AAX 21" Memphis Both extremely versatile. And they are a wonderful team! dxtr
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    Evans Level 360 Heads

    So! My drumshop this week got in a couple sets of the Evans Level 360 heads so that we could put them on some drums for our customers to check out. Here's what I've got so far. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's...
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    Has Rap Influenced Your Drumming?

    I went through a hard hiphop phase. I listened to Jurassic 5 mostly. But i also got into some old school guys like Sugar Hill Gang and Kurtis Blow. Learning to authentically play some of these beats can add a new level to your playing and it helped me relax while playing and it really did help...