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    Your thread

    Changed the # of topics per page to 50 up from 30. Does that help?
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    Internet Explorer blocking downloads that weren't requested

    Several people have reported this in the general section. I'll work on it when I have time. I can't reproduce the issue so just treat it as an annoyance for now. I don't have any reason to suspect there has been any compromise to the site.
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    Security risk on this site

    Still not able to reproduce the issue. Do you get the warnings when logged off of your account?
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    Security risk on this site

    What file are you being prompted to download?
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    DFO history

    I'll just add that DFO was born on August 4th 2005 and certainly would probably not exisit without the DCI forum. I think there were about 330 members on the DCI forum which almost all migrated here when the DCI forum shut down. We've been through 4 major software migrations, 3 server...
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    OT: Looks like me and Kath may be on a eHarmony commersh...

    Really cool Dan! Been trying to get my wife and I in a commercial for years. Was hoping the kids would help but still waiting on a phone call :) Let us know if you end up shooting one!
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    my post was deleted

    I don't delete posts, you'll have to ask the mods. I don't think they monitor the Tech Suppor forum either. Sorry.
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    View first unread?

    There is an icon just to the left of the thread title that takes you to the first unread post. It appears in the thread list page and not in the actual thread itself.
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    Are we any closer to getting a true hover?

    If there was a way to make it a per user option as to which hover they wanted then yes. But since I can't do that I have to stick with what we have. Sorry.
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    unable to signin

    Stupid question: When you click the sign-in button did you try the "forgot my password" link?
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    external link

    You don't have your DNS correct. You need to add a redirect so that redirects to Or you can change the link to add the www.
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    Image to Gallery

    In the upper left click the down arrow next to your name and then click My Gallery. Create a gallery and start uploading pics.
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    Did Font Size Suddenly Get Smaller?

    Not bottom right...bottom left. Change the pull-down to IP.Board instead of DFOv3.
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    Did Font Size Suddenly Get Smaller?

    Bob, what browser are you using?
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    Did Font Size Suddenly Get Smaller?

    Not sure what you're talking about. You're the only person experiencing this issue. What browser are you using? Might you possibly had the Control key held down and used your scroll key? That could have adjusted the font size. In Firefox hit Control-0 to reset the zoom.