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    Looking for new rock crash- NOT harsh

    You might want to check out Zildjian A Customs. The Crashes are smooth as butter. I think they have "Mediums" in the lineup now too, which are a bit heavier. I'm talking about the standard Crashes.
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    What Is Pocket?

    Tao called Tao is not Tao.
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    Did Zildjian make brilliant Armands?

    As far as I know, the Armand series is now out of production, with the only exception being the Beautiful Baby 19" ride. The Armands were a good line though, and I wish I'd kept the ones I had. But I've never seen a brilliant one before. And if it weren't for the model marking here, I'd say...
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    WTB Original WFL Roy Haynes 7A Model Sticks

    Yeah, Joe. As far as I know, the shape is exactly the same.
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    WTB Original WFL Roy Haynes 7A Model Sticks

    Haha, I see. Sounds like a great project. Unfortunately it sounds like the sticks I have aren't a match though. About 20 years off the mark. But I've got them if you're interested in working something out. Let me know.
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    WTB Original WFL Roy Haynes 7A Model Sticks

    I thought I had a NOS pair, but both pairs I have have been used, one a bit more than the other. And one stick of the newer pair is slightly warped. What exactly are you looking for these for?
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    WTB Original WFL Roy Haynes 7A Model Sticks

    Yes. I can add a photo when I get home later.
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    WTB Original WFL Roy Haynes 7A Model Sticks

    I have some NOS 70's Ludwig Roy Haynes sticks. I assume that WFL is different though. And anyway, they're in Japan.
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    First drum clinic you went to and how it affected you

    Dave Weckl at Sam Ash in New Haven, CT. If I remember correctly, it was 1994. As far as how it affected me, I don't know. At that point in my life I was nerding out hard on drums, and was already a Weckl fan, so I guess it was just sort of extra fuel for the fire.
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    Gretsch Clone

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    Have you sold cymbals as a lot or just singles? Updated: "ALL SOLD"

    You'll almost certainly get more for them if you sell them separately. Buyers tend to frown upon bunches of cymbals that include something they don't want or need, and tend to offer less for the bundle than they would just the piece(s) they want. It's an interesting phenomenon that's been...
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    Can you remember who you sold your very first set to?

    My first set was a 5x14/12/16/20 blue sparkle, no-brand MIJ kit, which I later added a 14" floor tom to. I had my uncle re-paint it in a cool blue sunburst finish. One of the kids a year or two behind me in high school wanted to buy it off me, so I sold it to him when I got my next kit, which...
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    The Philly Joe Jones Ride

    Okay, I stand corrected. I hadn't read the description and was just going by what Paul F said in the video. Thanks Seb.
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    Gretsch Clone

    Just a personal opinion, but I don't really think it would make a noticable difference.
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    The Philly Joe Jones Ride

    No offense intended, man. Relax. Was just saying that this isn't a "copy", whereas most of the other similar videos are. I thought it's an important distinction to make. That's kind of the point of the video, as far as I understand. That cymbals with similar qualities to old K's are readily...