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    Values of NOS snares, and drums

    A few of us had an argument on here a while back about that- I think the 2 of us were in agreement. NOS just meant it never sold beyond the wholesale level- it is not a condition or a cosmetic grade. But there is a real following among collectors of almost anything that was originally offered...
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    RIP Phil Shaap

    Shame he passed, he really really had a passion for the music- sometimes to the point of driving you nuts (anyone who has listened to his shows on WKCR knows what I am talking about) but he was a real source for the history of the music.
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    Values of NOS snares, and drums

    I would leave it alone- some collectors really go nuts over NOS stuff and the instant that plastic bag is opened- they lose all interest. Or you will satisfy that one person who missed out buying a new one in 1994, and wants the satisfaction of cracking that bag open. In my experience (across...
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    Mom-and-Pop Music Stores Lose Out as Sweetwater's Sales Exceed $1.1 Billion a Year

    Much like "organic food" "mom and pop" and "shop small" tend to be associated with the upper middle class these days. About the only chain you will find in an affluent NE suburb is a Whole Foods or a Ben and Jerry's, maybe (just maybe) a Starbucks- almost everything else is "independently"...
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    1964 Ludwig drums promo paper package

    I'm sure in those days the dealer ordered it, and if the color was unavailable Ludwig would probably notify them via letter or telegram that it was discontinued. Much slower world back then. They probably also relied a lot more in those days on local or traveling reps to keep the dealers...
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    Mom-and-Pop Music Stores Lose Out as Sweetwater's Sales Exceed $1.1 Billion a Year

    I try to shop with smaller businesses when possible, but the fantasy that all of them are honestly run, successful business's that are being squeezed out by the big guys is not entirely true. Lot's of them go out of business simply because they well- suck. Three things pretty much keep retail...
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    SOLD Lot of Eight Ludwig WeatherMaster heads, NOS, new and in box (Pic Inside)

    How much are you looking for on the lot?
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    Any stick-shift drivers in the forums?

    Love the manual transmission- to bad most people hate it. Current manual transmission cars- 1997 540i and a 1964 Corvair Monza convertible.
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    Any stick-shift drivers in the forums?

    Evening Orchid- the coolest color of 1965! My buddy and I have a 1965 Bel Air Wagon- unfortunately it has a powerglide. We are debating the switch to a 4 speed since we love the damn things so much.
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    Ludwig Mod Orange 1970 Kit - Best Heads?

    The heavy coated Ludwig Weathermasters are FANTASTIC on 3 ply ludwigs- since they last forever- it is worth seeking an NOS set of heads out.
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    Live volume in small rooms

    Those measurements are AT THE DRUMMERS EAR. 125DB at the drummers ear can easily be 110DB 20 feet away- if a band is hitting 104DB at the bar area in a mid sized venue- that is annoyingly loud no matter how you slice it.
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    Live volume in small rooms

    Ok- 96 DB is twice is loud as 90 DB and 102 DB is twice as loud as 96 DB- DB is a logarithmic scale. 100 DB isn't "slightly" louder than 90 DB. A jack hammer is 100DB. Unsilenced motorcycles a few feet away are 100DB, Jet Airliners 300 feet away are 100DB- these are things that are painful to...
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    Live volume in small rooms

    Do you realize how loud 100db is?
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    How to get a bass drum thwack sound?

    I am pretty amazed that most people seem to think its heads/beater/muffling- the main source of that sound is multiple microphones, eq, compression and artificial reverb. You could never get a bass drum to sound like that without some kind of electronic manipulation.
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    Cool/Nice/Interesting Drum Rooms/Studios?

    Don't rule out hiring an acoustical consultant- the cost of hiring one will be saved in not having to do room treatment by trial and error. With your budget- I would look into it.