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    Vintage Zildjian Cymbal lot

    still got the 17" paper thin Avedis available?
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    13" hi hats

    how much for shipping?
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    Taming a hand hammered 6.5x14 brass luddie

    Am also surprised how a recently aquired 6 1/2" hand-hammered super-sensitive Black Beauty snare drum "rings." It came with a new medium weight Ludwig batter head, which will be changed for an Aquarian batter head (don't know which yet) in the near future... -elcid
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    Yamaha Recording Custom...Drying up?

    Always wanted a set like Steve Gadd used back in the early piano black too. Well, finally bought one from a young guy in Simi Valley Califa about two years ago. It isn't absolutely mint but looks stunning. Also bought an 8" tom from ebay about a year later and matches quite well...
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    gear stolen from vehicles?

    Couple of years ago I had a 1966 Ludwigh 6 1/2" deep super-sensitive snare drum, which I bought from a fellow DFO brother, stolen from my car, which was parked in my driveway (up from the street some 40 feet away). The drum was in a hard plastic case which I also bought from another DFO brother...
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    Sorta OT: Behringer K450FX amp issue

    You might want to check the amplifier lines by Samson... -elcid
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    I know that have asked this question before, but a lot of time has passed since and need to know: how do I post photos in DFO??? :help: Thanks! -elcid
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    how tight is your snare basket?

    ...loose; is the only way methinks... :headbang:
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    Hotdoggydydog...won the darn thing!!!

    Late last week I put a bet for a 6 1/2" deep, Ludwig hand-hammered Black Beauty snare drum equipped with a P70 super sensitive strainer mechanism. I put a max bet of one dollar over the base betting price and nearly forgot about the whole affair until yesterday when I remembered to check ebay...
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    A 1963 6ply Gretsch bop kit...

    My son bought a 60s Gretch kit of the same color wrap a few years ago...tho doesn't have matching snare. cool set!
  11. elcid, am losing it!!!

  12. elcid, am losing it!!!

    Naw, it got stolen--argh! :crybaby:
  13. elcid, am losing it!!!

    Been away for a while and hardly recognize the revamped Forum's cannot find the PM section; can someone please point the way??? Thanks!!! :dontknow: -elcid
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    SOLD**Zildjian K Custom 16" Crash**SOLD!

    Would you take $150.00 shipped to So. Califa?
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    Is gone, gone, gone!!!

    Is good to be back at DFO! Have been battleing a few physical problems, two which had me hospitalized 18 days back in April (spent my BD there--yikes!). Anyway...I ilve in Redlands, in San Bernardino county; so califa. Gave detailed description of the drum to the investigating officer; the...