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    Sabian HHX Revamp? Coming soon?

    See my new post today (10/12)--Steve Ferrone was playing a new HHX Complex ride, and it was tremendous. It's on the Sabian website now. Cheap it's not.
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    Hot ride recommendation?

    Last night I saw Steve Ferrone playing with Todd Sharp at the Baked Potato in L.A. (I gather the pros refer to it as "the Spud.") Ferrone was playing a great new ride: hot, breathy, loud, shimmering. Just the thing I need. He said it's a new Sabian HHX line. I think it's called "Complex." Thing...
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    And you thought Spinal Tap was fiction.

    I just saw this today, so if it's old hat around here, apologies.
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    Bossa Nova brushes question

    (For right-handers) You can use either a cross-stick with the left hand against sixteenths with the brush in the right, or two brushes. The benefit of the latter is, you can do "rolls." For an amazing example of the former, listen to this: For the latter, this:
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    Hearing Protection

    3 months later, but happy to weigh in. I got a set of 3M runway-quality mufflers, since I'm losing hearing in my right ear and hanging on with my left, and I must say, I love it. I hear everything I do right and wrong, with no ringing, reverberations, etc. So it's easy to fine-tune my technique...