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    Evans heads still failing

    I'm confused. Please show me where I took it personally. I don't understand. Dan
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    Source for snare drum hoop clips?

    I gifted a friend of mine a near mint 6-lug Ludwig and Ludwig snare in the late 80s. As he was purging his collection, after asking delicately, he decided to return it to me. I wasn't insulted in the least. Sadly, he never met a case or bag that he liked, so this drum has fallen into disrepair...
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    Evans heads still failing

    Yup. Not to drag the story out again, but replacing my old clear G2s on my Superstars with the Level 360 actually resulted in a TIGHTER fit. Not cool, guys, especially after you sold us a bill of goods with the marketing. I still like the EMAD bass drum heads, but between the tight Level 360s...
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    Neil Peart, Greatest Drummer Of All Time

    I'm with you. Strange waters. I feel like some here are looking at drumming as Great Moments In Sports. I doubt we'd be having these knock-down, drag out threads about Nigel Olsson or Mick Fleetwood. I'm puzzled by the vitriol that stems from why some feel that there is a "greatest" in the...
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    FYI: Sabian cymbal refresh now only supports "new" logo

    Years ago, I asked for a Stage Crash with the large AAX logo(to match my other cymbals) and was told that they had either lost or gotten rid of the silkscreening. I believe that the new logo superseded the old one almost instantly on all fronts, including the refresh program, so I don't think...
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    Musicians coming home after gig paid in exposure

    Most weddings I have played required us to be there more like 2 or 3 pm! Dan
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    Neil Peart, Greatest Drummer Of All Time

    Houndog: looks like your post and mine merged. Look, you may or may not agree with me, but there are ways of disagreeing. I'm not a jazz snob, and please don't call me one. All of those players are among my favorites. Dan
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    Neil Peart, Greatest Drummer Of All Time

    I can imagine Neil shaking his head at this. Sure, he won plenty of accolades when he was around, but he knew where he stood. He knew he was nowhere near Krupa/Rich/Morello, etc. and was a pretty level-headed guy. Clickbait is what it is. I'm sure there's 100 Eddie Van Halen versions of that...
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    I need help, bought two Pearl snare drums today

    You don't need help, you need a pat on the back. You'll be very pleased! Dan
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    What is your favorite badge ?

    The Slingerland oval badge. Dan
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    Worst drumsticks ever?

    I have several pairs given to me as gifts. Never have used them and never will. Dan
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    Any Sonor Drummers here?

    Yep! Force 3K Scandi Birch Metallic Blue Phonics Signature HLD Bronze Piccolo Ferro 6-1/2x14 and 4x14 I had Force 507s and loved them, hated selling them, call me crazy. Dan
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    New to miking drums

    Borrow some SM58s, cables and stands. They'll get the job done on everything. One for the snare, one between the rack toms, floor, kick. That's how I would handle it, short-term. Dan
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    Tama orphan toms wanted

    I have an incomplete Superstar tom cheap. PM me if interested. Dan
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    Keith Moon strikes out at the Record Plant

    So they went through seemingly every known drummer...just how does Keith Moon end up in that conversation? Sounds more like a strange production choice to me. Hard to know without knowing the song. And did Dino take a pass? All I know is that overdubbing drums on an already-existing track can...