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    Barry Keane – Recording Lightfoot’s ‘Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald’

    There really can be something magical about a first take. This proves it! Thanks for posting. Dan
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    18” rides?…..who loves ‘em….who uses ‘em?

    I dig my late model A Zildjian Crash Ride, and the funky sounds of the Uptown Ride, too. Both 18". Dan
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    I have a mate who swears he's seen a drummer play four on the bass, five on the snare, six on the hi hat and seven on the ride. Is this even possible?

    I saw Joe Morello do something like that live. While talking over it. Dan
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    What is your Main cymbal setup for gigs

    14" Zildjian New Beats 16" and 18" Sabian Medium-Thin Crashes 21" Sabian Universal Ride 16" Paiste PSTX Swiss Thin Crash (optional) I can get anything done with this setup. Dan
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    Karen Carpenter is highly underrated

    I think among drummers, women like Karen and Evelyn and Ruth are recognized, but for what it's worth, the public, at least the people I encounter have little to no idea. They might know a You Tube kid, but that's it. Usually, I'll post a Karen C. video that knocks them for a loop. This has...
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    Ian Paice's practice routine

    Ian is awesome. Thanks for posting. Dan
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    What drummer had the most affect on their bands sound / identity??

    I'm going to go with Ian Mosley of Marillion. The proof is in the sound. Just listen: Script for a Jester's Tear - Prog rock bar band that got lucky. Loping, loose drum tracks(Garden Party? Really?) Fugazi onward - Arena-ready, tight progressive band. A chops monster on the kit. Dan
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    Hats feel on Simple minds "Don't you forget about me" ?

    I've always heard it as 8ths with overdubbed 16ths; I hear them flam every so often. Mel Gaynor is a huge influence on my playing. Great chops but also a fire, that indefinable something, that makes you sit up and take notice. I'll go as far as to say that the band might not have broken through...
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    Black Pinstripe Reso Head?

    For a brief time, I had black ambassadors on top and black Pin Stripes on the bottom of my Recording Customs. I thought they sounded good with that combination, though it initially left me scratching my head(no pun intended). The issue was that I was pitting the ambassadors. in 1988 I was a...
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    Bronze Snares - what the hell happened $$$???

    I'm so glad that I bought the Ludwigs I did about 15 years ago. Not only are they among my favorites, I snagged them for around 300/350? It's nuts that they stopped making them. Dan
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    Who Picked Drummers Better Than David Bowie?

    I play in a Bowie tribute band and the work those drummers did makes my job a huge challenge. Then again, my keyboard player has to play Mike Garson parts, my guitarist Ronson and Slick and others, and well, Bowie had a pretty wide vocal range. Dan
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    Gruv-X, a new twist on cymbal sizzlers

    Interesting. Any demo videos? Dan
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    James Mtume dead at 76

    Sad news. I bought his 12" single of Juicy Fruit back in the day. Dan
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    Grease ..drummer s on trakcs

    Dennis Bryon on the title track? Dan