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    New Inde Studio Mod Series

    Cherry looks very pretty!
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    Zak Starkey on Who Tour - Pads for Cymbals

    I saw that tour and it was a good show. It took a couple of songs to get used to the overall lower volume of a Who concert (I've seen them 4 times) but I did enjoy it. The mix was fantastic actually. Zak is a great drummer and his e-kit sounded great. Zak is still playing, he is not faking it.
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    Neat Drumstick Holder Idea

    Welding without a shirt?
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    Jazz Albums - What are you listening to?

    I just got Kind of Blue on vinyl again. Not sure what happened to my 1st copy... on my phone, I've been listening to MMW Shakman, John Scofield A go go (feat. MMW), Sonny Clark Cook Strutin' & Ahmad Jamal Poinciana - a Forum recommendation
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    Anybody Else Love Jazz…But Hate Jazz VOCALS?

    I take it on a song-by-song basis but vocal jazz is not a favorite of mine.
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    Stewart Copeland’s comb

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    Top 20 Canadian Rock Bands and Musicians

    So, this is a Canadian band my dad was in. Good band, but never took off commercially. I really liked living in Calgary, but dad being on the road for 6-8 weeks at a time took a toll on my stepmom. Right around the time she moved back to the states the band had significant financial trouble...
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    Top 20 Canadian Rock Bands and Musicians

    Never even heard of them... Listening to Apple Musics top songs - they are great!
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    The last thing you didn’t bring to the gig

    It's been a while, I always visualize my kit when I'm done packing the car and mentally "play" what is in all the cases... Several years ago I had two gigs on the same night. The early gig was before an Indy Pacers game at the Fieldhouse and I forgot my kick pedal! My wife had to wake our two...
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    Final Results of a Studio Session

    very nice!
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    Congratulations Everyone! We did it... We saved time...
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    Can We Re-visit Hearing Aids?

    I've had the Costco (Phonak) hearing aids for almost two years. Mine take a battery, but I understand that the new version is rechargeable. Costco sells several models, but the basic phonaks met my needs. I waited way too long. I can't emphasize how much these are a "quality of life"...
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    OT: Virtuosity Explained - "Lateralus" by Tool

    I went thru a reaction video phase & got tired of being annoyed by the presenters. The singer reviewing Tool... I first saw her reacting to Geoff Tate and it was ok, but I don't care for the way she performs her reactions... my reaction to her reacting. I will watch Michael Palmisano. He's a...
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    Thomas Dolby "Aliens Ate My Buick" Friday Fiver Fer

    Loved this album in the early 90's and have not listened to it in years! I met him when he wrote some music for Alesis to demo ADAT's at Namm.... If I recall, he ended up starting a company that made ringtones on cell phones possible, or something like that. Brilliant guy.