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    2020 Chicago Drum Show 30th Anniversary: Roll Call!

    Exhibitors got an email. It’s definitely off.
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    2020 Chicago Drum Show 30th Anniversary: Roll Call!

    The show has been postponed until 2021. Just got the email.
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    OT - Nashville Tornado & Weather; Everybody Safe?

    My nephew’s house was destroyed but he and his family are ok.
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    Here They Go Again.....Steve Smith & Ross Valory Fired From Journey

    When they say it's about the fans, it's about the money. When they say it's not about the money, it's about the money.
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    Why the intense dislike of certain things drum related? (FORMERLY: Why the hate?)

    I'm in the industry, I love everyone and everything. BWUAHAHAHA
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    You can really hear the drive or push that he propels the song forward with.
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    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Rusty and out of round stuff is overrated.
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    SOLD Tama Star Walnut in Satin Charcoal Japanese Sen 10, 12, 14, 16, 22

    $3000.00. This kit is as clean as they come and is in mint condition. 1 owner, bought new and never moved from my place. Never gigged. I only played it for fun, and the drums sound fantastic. Selling to downsize my collection. Drums will ship in their original boxes in continental US for flat...
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    How resilient is Trick’s powder coat on bass drum riser?(shipping damage question)

    I would guess it would flake off.
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    How can we get rid of the Remo logo or where can I buy a head without a logo

    I have done it with pad printing solvent to some extent, but the stuff is pretty expensive.
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    Meinl Pure Alloy

    And another video playlist where each one is demo'd separately.
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    Meinl Pure Alloy

    I have a full set. 15" hats, 18" and 20" crashes, and 22" ride. When I got them I was looking for something akin to the Paiste 2002's, but not as bright. To me these have that bright sound but have more lower end body than the 2002's. Nothing against 2002's, but the pure alloy was more of what I...
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    What's your latest drum purchase?

    This 6x14 DW Edge with a steam bent maple center that I made for them to use. Hefty drum but sounds great!
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    World Max still on top?

    Yep, no problems. Good people and good service.
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    Black Swamp

    No we don’t make kits. The kits we have made are just for fun and show use. And no we don’t take blood, only kidneys :)