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    If You Were Going to Buy a New Drum Set, What Would it Be?

    I love my Brooklyn’s can’t go wrong with them. What finish did you go for?
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    K like an A Custom?

    Why not an A custom?
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    Remember Green Acres? It's Being Reimagined with the Drummer Who Quit Genesis to Herd Sheep

    At first I glance I thought you were talking about Green Acres campground at Deer Creek Ampitheatre in Indiana… A place where wild things happened, Then realized you weren’t sharing the war stories
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    Loving this Jeff Ballard album “Puerta” (2021)

    What is that nasty dry ride you’re playing here? Love it
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    Zildjian K Sweet 14/16/18/21 vs 15/17/19/21 pack

    I play 14 k mastersounds but played a gig on a buddies 15 k sweets and man did they sound great!
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    If You Were Going to Buy a New Drum Set, What Would it Be?

    If I were to splurge I wouldn’t mind owning a Craviotto or Noble and Cooley on top of my Gretsch kits one day. I’m 32 and doing alright for myself, so we shall see!
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    If You Were Going to Buy a New Drum Set, What Would it Be?

    Own Gretsch Catalina maple and Gretsch Brooklyn, both 22, 10, 12, 14(cats), 16(brooks). Only other set I want is a bop size broadkaster with die cast hoops
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    Any love for Taye

    Never had a kit but did own a wood hoop studio maple snare. Single worst drum I’ve owned, sold now. It had a horrible uneven bearing edge which I have since read can be a common problem with them. But worse yet, is several lug gaskets broke, and 3 lugs broke as well. After getting ahold of...
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    Good News About a Drum Store -- 2112 in Raleigh

    I’m planning on riding up from charlotte area this week to check it out! Unfortunately never made it to the old location but have heard how amazing the place and its staff are. Looking forward to it!
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    Best K Zildjian Ride?

    While I don’t own one of these, my good friend has one that I have played several times and heard from out front quite often. And it performs It’s a good all around ride. I own a 20 K custom dark and I like it as a left side with a sizzle on it, but it can get lost in the mix with louder bands...
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    Help me find a Peter Gabriel show

    2018 American Utopia tour
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    Help me find a Peter Gabriel show

    I saw David Byrne in 2018. It was an absolutely amazing show! I’ve seen plenty of great concerts, but that was something completely different than the rest
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    22" Zildjian K Istanbul Old Stamp (could be interested on a 20" too)

    I saw that NS, it was gone within a couple hours
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    Any "appreciators" of Wes Montgomery here? Insight....

    Wes was one of the first jazz guys that got my attention years ago. Ive noticed being younger and coming from a rock background, that as much as I equally love horns in jazz music, I am still always drawn to the guitar lead. And Wes was the master at what he did. Probably why some of my newer...