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    Die cast hoops on Brooklyn’s

    Curious is anyone has ever put die cast hoops on a Gretsch Brooklyn set. If so what changes did it make to the sound compared to the 302s
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    Keeping a key at hand

    Drum key on my truck keys for the last 15 years. If I’m gigging I drove my truck there, if I’m at home I drove my truck there. Extra key on my stand next to drums at home
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    Without thinking, start tapping 1/8th notes with your lead hand

    132. something similar I like to do… I have a cardio app that tells you're heart rate. Set your metronome to you heart bpm and jam
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    Conner Mikata, (Nude Party) Vintage Sets

    There were actually a handful of bands in Boone that would blow these guys out of the water… at the time we were all hippies digging jam bands, fusion and jazz and everyone kind of wrote these kids off as classic rock rip offs. Goes to show what sells! Proud of them either way
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    Conner Mikata, (Nude Party) Vintage Sets

    Female parts lol nice auto correct there DFO
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    Conner Mikata, (Nude Party) Vintage Sets

    I actually lived next door to their percussionist while in Boone. He used to come jam with me all the time! Great guys, used to to throw some wild nude parties. Yes a bunch of naked dudes on stage isn’t that great, just turn around and look at all the female part in the crowd
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    "JDA bought his first Old K in..."

    Ever seen this Premier stamp on an old k before?
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    Gretsch Catalina vs. USA Custom or Brooklyn

    I don’t think there is anybody looking down on someone with a Gretsch Catalina. I have a set of Catalina maples that I played on for 15+ years and always got complements on how they sounded. Last year I added a Gretsch Brooklyn kit to my arsenal and while it sounds more full and warmer than my...
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    I think he used some K Zildjian new stamps at one point. Not sure on the rivets
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    Zildjian Ks or Meinl Byzance

    I’m with CC Cirillo, I have yet to crack a K or K Con, where as I cracked close to 10 A customs over the years before moving onto K’s. Once I bought one K and integrated it into my setup I had to switch all my other cymbals one by one. K custom dark is a great line. I have an 18 crash that’s my...
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    13” old K Istanbul hi hat bottom

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    Spoken For - Please move to Sold - Free to a good home - 19” China Project

    If shipping is too much him, I’ll take it. Shipped to NC 28115
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    Zildjian Prices Soaring

    While I hate that the prices of cymbals are soaring you guys do realize a part of this is our dollar isn’t worth what it once was
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    Drilling center holes

    I’d love to hear from anyone experienced drilling the center hole of old cymbals to fit modern stands. I understand there can be some risk to cracking the cymbal or overheating the bronze. can I use a step drill bit to widen the center holes of old hi hats? what is the “safest”, best method?